Waffles are Tomorrow!

Last Sunday Update of 2015

Hey Student Leaders!

Happy Gaudete Sunday. Rejoice!!

This is the last Sunday update of 2015. Only one event left to report! Belgian Waffle Brunch is tomorrow from 11am-1pm. Come have waffles and bacon and friendship! All free. In the lounge!

Just a reminder that Fr. David, Sandy, Daniel and I are all out of the country from Dec. 26-Jan 4. If you need us, please send us an email as we'll have email access, but please don't text or call us unless it's an emergency!

Also, huge thank you to all of you for your service and your "yes" to the Lord! We are incredibly grateful for all of you. I was reflecting the other day on how much I learn from you guys - it's a great blessing to witness the Lord at work in you!

The campus ministers will be in the office until this coming Friday if you need anything from us in person. I hope you have a wonderful rest of Advent, a restful break, and a very merry Christmas! God bless you all!