Peek at the Week

Week of 9/20/21

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This Week:

Monday, 9/20 ~

  • 1-3 pm ~ Julie off campus, district mtg

Tuesday, 9/21 ~

  • 2:45 PM - 504 Mtg, Vitelli

Wednesday, 9/22 ~

  • 8:30-12:00 - Julie at district trng
  • Lia and Erica will visit 5th and 6th gr. classes - Peer Mentors
  • 12 PM - Staffing, CJ
  • Grade level PLC

Thursday, 9/23 ~

  • 8:00-12:00 - Julie @ Principal Mtg
  • 11:50 AM - SPED Staffing

Friday, 9/24 ~

  • 9:35 AM - FIRE DRILL
  • 2:45 PM - 504 Mtg, Nakanishi
  • 6:30 PM - PTA Family Movie Night - Hook



September 30th ~ Dr. Elsasser Site Visit

October 1st ~ PTA Reflections submissions are due

October 6th ~ Blue Scoop Restaurant Night - "Guest Scoopers!"

A Word from Julie

Hi team!

Students have been so polite and are greeting the adults as they walk on campus. This coming week, let's all be intentional is giving out Bear Hugs to recognize and positively acknowledge the expected behaviors we have taught and expect.

The picture day schedule will be to you asap. You may take your picture first thing when you arrive, as we always have.

Have a wonderful, hopefully restful, weekend!

Weekly Principal Message - please share this with students every Monday. TY!

Go Bears!

News to Know

Staff Symptom Decision Tree and Illnesses this year...

Please see this Staff Symptom Decision Tree to help guide you when you are ill.

In summary:

  • Refer to the Decision Tree for guidance on reporting to work AND (see the next bullet point)
  • Contact HR asap with an illness; Martha Suarez for certificated and Adriana Gjersvold for classified
  • HR will direct you for next steps and return to work dates
  • ALL absences must be entered into Smartfind. HR and payroll will work together to determine how the hours are coded.
  • Please text me if it's early morning so that we can begin working to cover your absence. Michell is reserved for subbing but there are a few days we have tentatively placed her to cover some absences.
  • CLASSIFIED staff, if you are able, please reach out to another aide to see if they may be able to help cover your shift and also send me, the teacher you work with, and Karen D an email to alert us of your absence so we can begin working on coverage too.

Thank you everyone! We know there will be illnesses and absences this year. As you might imagine, the district (as well as the rest of the world it seems) is short on personnel to help cover absences. Together we'll make it this year. I GREATLY appreciate your flexibility and support in covering absences. BROOKHAVEN is an AWESOME team and I am so grateful for everyone's dedication, grace, flexibility and support!

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Staff Shout Outs

This week we recognize...

  • Shout out to our new special education team members, Brooke and Katie. They both have been working so hard to get to know our sped students and Brookhaven staff, to understand the process and procedures of special education here at Brookhaven and to get their schedules up and running. Katie and Brooke take great initiative, ask great questions, and demonstrate great collaboration and communication skills. We are all lucky to have these amazing educators working with us here at Brookhaven. ~ Lia
  • I'd like to give a shout out to Elaine. She is always willing to help and always so patient. Thank you! ~ Kim C
  • Shout out to Kari Domene for helping out with figuring out the library schedule for our student and working with Katie to make things work. ~ Karen A
  • Shout out to Steve, because well he's STEVE! He does so much for the kids and won't let them slip through the cracks. He tolerates my interruptions to get help with grammar rules too. He works so hard to make 6th grade memorable for the students. ~ Karen A
  • Shout out to Mary for stepping up to give our staff a voice and a vote at rep council. ~ Karen A
  • Shout out to all those folks who don't "reply to all" unless it is absolutely necessary. ~ Karen A
  • I would like to give a shout out to Elaine for her help with tech support. :) She went above and beyond! Thanks Elaine! ~ Jodi
  • Shout out and thank you to Sarah, Karen Ricotta, Tara and Rich for signing up for the SST meetings. :) ~ Jodi


New Bear Hugs have been made and cut. They are in the red basket by mailboxes. Please begin giving these out now as students were told we are reimplementing them again this year. Please encourage students not to write their name as we'll reuse them if possible, as usual.

Halloween Parties

Here are the guidelines for Halloween:

  • No parent volunteers on campus
  • You may have a party outdoor with prepackaged treats
  • You can hold your party in your classroom if you will not be eating treats or crafts that include eating food
  • We will have a student dress-up day on Friday, 10/29
  • The PBIS team is planning for a Halloween parade on 10/29 likely right after morning recess...stay tuned for more details
  • We will plan for a staff-themed costume... currently the suggestion is for a "Decades" theme

Miscellaneous Updates and Reminders


  • Reminder to complete your Mandated Reporter and Sexual Harassment trainings by 10/15.
  • Teacher Goals & Obj. are due 10/1.
  • If you have not yet, please join our PTA with this link. If you were a member last year, you should have received a link from Totem to renew.
  • Sarah will be sending information about Social Dues in the next few weeks.
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Wellness Team

Above is part of our Brookhaven Wellness Team. The full team also includes Lia and her intern, Erica Green, and Julie. Pictured above is:

  • Brittney Velasquez, Outreach - M &Th
  • Christine Sewell, RBT - T, TH, F
  • Ray Waites, Counselor - alt. Wednesday's, TH & F

Our team will hold a staffing weekly on Thursday mornings to review referrals and provide our best support for our Brookhaven students.

Independent Study Contract and District Support Teacher, Nicole Fairfield

As a reminder, when students are officially on an ISC, you will receive the contract in your mailbox.

  • There is NO grid to complete
  • We have 30 days to get signatures for the contract
  • Students have 10 days AFTER their return to complete the work for the ISC
  • One piece of work will be attached to the completed contract upon completion
  • Please begin gathering work to provide on the first day of a student absence as we always have. If it rolls into an ISC, that work will become part of the ISC.
  • Students on ISC due to quarantine will NOT be enrolled at Parkview or BVVA

District Support Teacher, Nicole Fairfield -

Because zooming is not an option this year for students in quarantine, the district is providing Independent Study Teachers to support students and sites. Our IST is Nicole Fairfield. I am putting a letter from her in your mailbox for your reference.

Here is what her role is anticipated to provide:

  • For students on quarantine, she will reach out to families to check in
    • She will have a zoom link (see below) that will be live for students daily from 8:00-2:00 pm for students to zoom in and ask for support with the work they are completing:
    • Topic: Mrs. Fairfield's Class
      Time: This is a recurring meeting Meet anytime
      Join Zoom Meeting
      Meeting ID: 834 2753 7949
    • If a teacher is not able to immediately provide work for the ISC, grade level work packets are being created and in a shared drive that will be given to students in need

This is a NEW support this year. It is a dynamic and evolving support function. Please be patient as the kinks are worked out and ask questions as you have them. TY!

Daily Symptom Check

  • Continue to complete this daily. As a reminder, all staff will receive a daily symptom check via email that must be completed before the workday begins. There is also a QR code on the gate on campus in case you forget before you arrive.

Sub Plans Folder

You will receive a black folder next week. It just didn't happen this week. Thanks for your patience! Please consider creating this folder to make any absence run as smooth as possible. :)

As mentioned at our Staff Meeting, I highly encourage you to create a Substitute Folder that can either be kept in the office, to give to the arriving sub, or in a spot in your room that can be referenced and easily found by your sub. I will put a sub folder in your mailbox that is designated specifically for this so that they are the same for each classroom.

Here are suggested docs to include:

  • updated class roster
  • updated seating chart
  • student health plans - mark as confidential
  • campus map
  • phone number
  • bell schedule
  • daily class schedule
  • classroom management plan
  • some "anytime" class activities for extra time in the day
  • a brief explanation of how your classroom/our school runs, if appropriate
  • who they should contact in case they need help (ie, your neighbor/grade level colleague)