The Game of Life

Stat/Calc Project 4

Rules of the Game


Begin by choosing a path- Start Career or Start College

Player has the option to buy insurance for car (there are threats to the car throughout the path)

*if Start Career is chosen, player will need to choose career card and salaray card

*if Start College is chosen, player will need to borrow $100,000, then choose career when done

Spin the wheel and move correct number of spaces

Follow along the path and stop at stop signs to get married, buy a house, etc.

*when player buys a house, house insurance can be purchased

When player lands on a space, read what the space says and follow the directions

Collect PAY DAYs when passed

If player lands on a life tile space, draw a life tile

Buying stock is an option before every turn

When the last space is reached by player, choose to retire at Countryside Acres or Millionaire Estates

*The object of the game is to have the most money at the end. .


*If player decided to go to college:

  • Must pay back loans
  • Can have the opportunity to get the highest paying salary in the game
  • Only has two degree required options
*If career path is chosen:

  • Can get any job except for the two requiring degrees
  • Cannot reach maximum salary unless player lands on a trade salary card space
*Anyone can land on lose job job space and have to start over

*Insurance can be beneficial because there are many threats along the path

  • It is better not to get car insurance because there are four car accident tiles, so there is only a four out of 128 chance of landing on one of those tiles.
  • *Pick a career that has the chance of getting a high salary - some careers pay more than others

    *The average number of times is 128

    *The quickest way of winning the game is to not got to college and go straight to getting a career because the player would only encounter 122 tiles versus 134 if they go to college.

    • The player could still lose because it depends on money obtained.

    By Alexis and Jenna