WEEK 12: 45 Points

Must Read: The First Mission in Texas

Highlight or circle 5 words that have a prefix or suffix, in your S.S. notebook, write the words and the meanings of the prefixes or suffixes. example: unfriendly - un means not

1 point (each)

  • Read the Missions in San Antonio
  • Highlight 10 Proper Nouns (names of people, places, dates etc.)

5 Points: (MUST read 2 for a total of 10 points)

  • Spain's Opinion of Texas
  • The 'Irish' Saint Who Wasn't Really Irish
  • Who was Jose' de Escandon?
  • Those Pesky French!

8 Points (Must do at least one)

  • Crossword Puzzle
  • Understanding Caddo Groups Activity

15 Points (Choose one)

  • Writing in your SS Spiral: List 6 DIFFERENT features you find in the newspaper. Then WRITE & Illustrate how these features help you understand the article. FEATURES: Title, Photo, Labels, Captions, Headings, Maps, Illustrations, etc.