Chinese Cinderella

The story of the unwanted girl

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Adeline Yen Mah is a girl that was born in Tianjin , China to her Mother and Father. Two weeks after she was born her mother died. After the death of her mother she was considerd bad luck in the family. She was always treated bad and not paied attention to. Her family then moved to Shanghai , China. There Adeline had friends at school and had a happy life at school but not so much at home. One day after school , Adeline's parents got furious at her and flew to Tianjin where she attended an "Orphanage". A few months later her Aunt came and "rescued" her from a city that was about to be taken over by the communists. Adeline and her Aunts family traveled by boat to Hong Kong where her family was currently living. There , her third brother came and then Niang took her to a school where she "lived" and sometimes went back to her real home. One day at the school Adeline got picked up and was taken to Ye Ye's (Grandfather's) funeral. After Ye Ye's funeral she was down and was always sad. She then decied to enter a play writing competition. She ended up wining. From there her father sent her and third brother to Oxford University in England. She studied delivery and birth.

The unwanted girl (charecter analysis)

Aldine Yen Mah is a courageous, confident, and courteous girl. The Mah family considered Aldine bad luck because her mother died after her birth. She encounters a painful childhood as she wants love, and understanding from her step mother, father and siblings. She has a very shy , calm , and respectful personality.

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Where she is from

Plot line


Main charecters- Yen Jun Lin (Adeline) , Father , Niang (Step mother) , Aunt Baba

Setting- 20th century China , Tianjin , Shanghai , and Hong Kong

Rising Action

1. Her Nai Nai (Grandmother) Passes away

2. Her family moves from Tianjin ,China to Shanghai , China.

3. She meets her good friend Wu Chun-me

4. Her parents send her away to "Orphanage"


Adeline finds out her Ye Ye (Grandfather) passed away

Falling Action

1.Adeline goes back to her school

2.She enters a Play-writing competition

3. Her father tells her that she had won the Play-writing competition


Adeline goes on to study at Oxford University in England along with her third brother. She studied the area of delivery/births.

Rate of book

I rate this book a 10 out of 10. This book is very inspiring because she shows that event though she is not cared for and treated badly she shows that good things can come out of bad things and that you should never give up even if no one belives in you.

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