The Ottoman Empire

The Ottoman Empire was a large chunk of territory located in and around Turkey. It was mostly founded in the mid-1300s and reached its height from about 1514 to 1566. How did they get and hold all this land and power?

One of the factors that lead to the Ottoman's success was their military power.

Suleyman I was a great leader and helped the Ottomans gain a lot of their success.

During his rule Suleyman, known as Suleyman "the Magnificent", expanded the land (as seen above), reformed the tax system, overhauled the government bureaucracy, improved the court system, and issued new laws to reduce corruption.

The Ottoman Empire was also located in a good spot.

It was located in the strategic center of Europe, Asia, and Africa. It allowed for more communication and trade.

Lastly, the Ottoman Empire allowed religious freedom.

They allowed religious freedom but non-Muslims had to pay heavy taxes and endure restrictions, and didn’t have to serve in the military, unlike the Muslims.