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Written by SPA Students Volume 1 Issue 1

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Cougar Dash Update by Kon and Joseph

The Cougar Dash was held again on Friday, Sept. 13. The Cougar Dash is an annual event where people come together for a 5k run and fundraise for the Home and School Committee.

There was another run that night. It was much longer than the school one. There was a 3 mile run around the neighborhood next to the school, a dunk tank, and other exciting and fun activities were held. About a week before the Cougar Dash, there was a pep rally to get the whole school excited and pumped for the Cougar Dash. The Eighth Graders promised everyone that if they reached $12,000, the whole school will go to Cannonsburg! They reached the goal! The date is unknown yet, but we know it will take place sometime in winter.

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Scary Story by Anthony, Ben and Keith

Once on a dark and gloomy day a dragon from Narnia escaped his dungeon. Ahhhhhhhhh! Somebody help! "Hi, my name is Billy, my middle name is Bob, and my last name is Joseph, but my friends call me Billy Bob Joe" We were going to a baseball game, my first. I have never been a fan but my dad's favorite team is the Cubs so we're going to the World Series Yankees vs. Cubs.

It was 2 to 3. Cubs were winning at the top of the 9th and that's when I heard the scream followed by bang, crash and someone was eating a burger. The dragon was flying over the stadium and it was terrorizing us, fire all around. Where did it go? It disappeared into the clouds and the game was canceled. I will never forget the damage the dragon caused to us and the stadium, it was horrific.

Completely horrific. I went home and my sister was so scared she stayed up until midnight. I couldn't sleep either, because at 12:02 I heard a huge roar. So I did the only thing I could possibly think of, I started attacking it with peanut butter and it worked. Turns out dragons are afraid of peanut butter because they can't get it off their tongue. The point is always use peanut butter if you see a dragon. And that is our “scary” story.

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Featured Faith Family Interview by Lucy

Explain your virtue of Magnificence

Doing great things for God

How did you make the community better?

Made a friend happy by playing with her.

Picking up trash.

How did you make someone's day better today?

Made Cate smile in the hall.

Did a handshake to people who were sitting alone.

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Spoooky Acrostic by Emma and Claire









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The Ocelot by Frieda

The ocelot is a small cat like creature who dwells in its natural habitat in Southwestern United States and Mexico, perhaps stretching all the way down to South America, according to National Geographic. They prefer to live under leafy canopies in their environment close to the equator. These animals, however, have been known to adapt to human environments, like small villages.

A typical ocelot’s diet consists of meat, since they are carnivorous animals. They eat small creatures such as crabs, iguanas, rabbits, frogs, and small rodents. An ocelot will hide it’s killed prey and come back for it later, to prevent waste. These animals will tear the fur or feathers off of their kill before eating it then use their sharp teeth to cut the meat into smaller pieces. An ocelot’s tongue has edges to help clean a bone of its meat.

When a female ocelot becomes pregnant during mating season, they will likely birth one to three kits. Their kits weigh about 7 to 12 ounces at birth. These kits will live on their mother’s territory for up to two years before setting out on their own to raise a family.

Ocelots have long been hunted for their fur, and we need to save these beautiful animals. Although these creatures are not endangered, they are close to it. Hunters could sell an ocelot’s fur for more than 40,000 dollars, according to the ADW. However, 21 states have banned keeping these animals as pets, and this is a step toward the conservation of ocelots.

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Trunk or Treat by Joseph and Kon

Halloween is coming, and people are getting ready for the Halloween spirit. To celebrate Halloween, St Paul is hosting their annual Trunk or Treat. This is where kids go to cars and they collect candy from the cars. It’s kind of like trick or treating, but you’re going to cars instead of houses. This tradition has been celebrated at St Paul for many years now. People love to take their kids to St Paul and they go and get candy. Some middle schoolers or later elementary students, such as fifth grade or fourth grade start to grow out of this. Sometimes you will see fifth graders and fourth graders going to trunk or treat. But most of the students in kindergarten, or younger ages, usually come to trunk or treat. Not all people who go to trunk or treat go to our school. Some people invite friends that go to a different school. Some people also invite family like little sisters or brothers around the ages of 0-4. So get ready for some candy and get into the Halloween spirit!
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Middle School Play Update by Kon and Joseph

Soon, 5-8th graders will be acting in the annual school play before spring break. This year’s play is the 2013 Disney film that we all know, Frozen. Mrs. Strong, the 6th Grade Homeroom teacher and the Jr. High English teacher, announced on September 23rd that she made her decision and the play would be Frozen. Volunteer spots are still open and roles in the play are still open. Mrs. Strong said, “I will not do the play if we don’t get enough people.” There is a sheet of paper for people who want to be in the play. It’s not too late to sign up! If you want to sign up for the play, you still have time!

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Adam Chatting with Lucy

What is your favorite color? blue

Where is your favorite place to go? My house

Do you like chocolate or vanilla ice cream? Vanilla

One word to describe you would be? Funny

What is your favorite thing to do? Play outside

Did you make someone happy today? How? Yes, I made them smile on the playground.

What is your favorite subject? Gym

Whats your favorite activity? Playing sports

Do you like inside or outside better? Outside, so we can run around.

What do you play at recess? I play whatever my friends are playing.

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SPA Cougar Athletics Report by Jack and Brody

5th/6th Football- The White team is 1-4. These games are always at the CAT’s soccer field on Saturday at 9:00 am. The Blue team is 3-2. Their games are always at the CAT’s soccer field on Saturday at 10:30 am.

7th Football- They are 4-1

8th Football- They are 2-3

5th/6th Soccer- They were 3-5-1. They lost their first tournament game to SJV.

7th/8th Soccer- They are 1-4.

5/6th Volleyball- They are 6-1.

7th Volleyball- They are 2-3.

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Horses by Ari and Frieda

How have horses influenced our culture? Horses have influenced our culture, by being our first means of transportation. Back in 2000 BCE, it shows that different human cultures used horses for different reasons, such as chariots, and just plain ol' riding.

What breeds of horses are common? The most common horses are American Quarter Horses. These horses are good racers for a quarter of a mile. Arabians are also very popular for their ability to be a desert horse, which means that people can buy less food for them than you would for, say, an American Quarter Horse.

Which are for work and which are for riding?

Horse breeds for riding may include a thoroughbred, or perhaps an american quarter horse. These horses are swift and lean, much unlike the Belgian or the Shire horse, who have the muscle structure for hard work on a farm or transporting goods.

How did horses first come to America?

In 1493, a Spanish voyager, Columbus, brought horses to North America on his second voyage. In 1519, horses were reintroduced to the continent, in what we call now, Mexico.

What breeder should we buy our horse from?

Horse breeders vary from bad to good. You can tell if a horse breeder is good, by looking at the price, breed, and height (measured in hands, which are 4 inches) of the horse. Good breeders offer a good breed, height, and reasonable price for the horse. Bad ones try to cheat you, so google the price, height, and standard breed, of good breeders in your area.

Newspapers are Cool a Haiku by Sam

Newspapers are cool

They have much information

So you should buy one

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