Technology Class

By:Chas Woolley


You will do typing for 5 minutes and sometimes take entire days.The reason we do this is to get your typing skills better so you can type faster and accurately. Finish intermediate course by the end of the third/first quarter.


You make a ITRAILER about anything you want that is school appropriate. it also cant be just about a video game. you have to be seen in it. it isn't hard unless you do a really long five hour film. You will have a week to make it.

Haiku Deck

You now are going to make a HAIKU DECK!!! About your dream job. There is plenty of class time so use it wisely. You will have 2 weeks to make it.

Explain everything

MATH! You need to explain a math problem with explain everything. You will have a week to write it out and record it. You will have a ton of class time, and since its short it wont take long.

Career Locker

You will find your dream job by doing a series of quizzes. You will search for a job of your choice. After you can log on to last years carer locker and play mini games.


you need to get to stage seven by the first quarter. After that you can do free time or complete harder coding. You can code things like star wars and minecraft.