• Born 1477 in Peive di Cadore, Italy
  • Spent most of life in VeniceItaly
  • Was educated at the Venetian school of Art
  • Married to young lady named Cecilia
  • Had two daughters and sons.
  • Created paintings
  • Such as Venus of Urbino, The feast of the Gods, and Man with a Glove
  • had no known Patrons


  • The first picture is of Titian himself.
  • The second picture is called Portrait of Charles V
  • it was created in September 1548
  • Nothing special was used to create this painting
  • I find this picture interesting because it is simple unlike many of his other pictures with are full of other objects and people that distract the looker from the main topic.
  • This picture exemplifies humanism because it shows the importance of one man instead of a god or divine being.
  • In this case King Charles the V