This Week at Windsor 9.11.2020

Teachers make a difference at any distance...

Windsor Families,

We hope you all had a nice Labor Day weekend and a good week of remote learning. I'd like to extend a thank you to our students for continuing to persevere as learners while working in front of a screen for an extended time frame. We know it is a challenge and hope you are taking advantage of the breaks that your teachers are giving you throughout the day. Parents, thank you also for all of the ways you have been creative and resourceful to ensure that your child is able to learn to the best of their ability while we are in this challenging time. We appreciate your partnership and are thankful for your support!

Important information:

- If your child will be absent from school, please remember to call the absence line or submit an online form. If your child attends school in-person, please state the reason for the absence.

- If you are experiencing technical issues please refer to the troubleshooting document below first; you can also email your child's teacher or call the front office and we will help you troubleshoot. If it is something that we cannot help you with we will contact our tech facilitator to provide additional support.

-LMC- we still have over 200 books checked out from last Spring, if you have any Windsor LMC books in your home we will have a cart out in front of our main entrance again next week for you to drop off those books.

-Please see the letter from Windsor's Social Workers below.

Have a wonderful wildcat weekend!

Mrs. Anastacio and Mrs. Soprano

Upcoming Events:

Tuesday, September 15th

Windsor Virtual Curriculum Night

6:30-7:00 pm -- Intermediate/Rabinowitz/Blau/Angelus

7:00-7:30 pm- Specials Teachers /Resource Teachers/EL Teachers (attendance is optional)

7:30--8:00 pm- Primary/Higgins/Keough/Palmer/Stodola

*Please see Curriculum Night.pdf below for zoom links.

Important Tech Tip:

Please remind your students that they should power down their Chromebooks at least once a day and maybe at lunchtime as well. That will help the "glitchiness" many are experiencing.

iPads should also be rebooted occasionally to prevent connectivity issues. Instructions are below.

To turn off your Chromebook completely, try one of these options:

  • At the bottom right, select the time. Select Power .
  • At the bottom right, select the time. Select Sign out Shut down.
  • Press and hold the Power key for 3 seconds.
  • Press and hold the Power button until you see a menu to Power off or Sign out

To Power Down Your iPad:

  • Press and hold the On/Off/Sleep button at the upper-right corner of the iPad. Slide the bar to Power off.

Mrs. Stella's Station

Did you know that this Saturday is Video Games Day in both the USA and Canada? Instead of just playing video games, why not do some math related to video games? Clicking on the link below will bring you to a page of leveled math puzzles. Puzzle A is the easiest, and C is the most challenging. At the bottom of each puzzle is a link to a Google Form where your child can submit his / her answers to see if they are correct. They can even take a picture of their math work and send it to me. I'd love to see how your child solved the problem. Your family can complete one problem or all three! You can access the page of puzzles by clicking on this link: VIDEO GAME MATH. Have a great weekend!

Windsor PTA

2020-2021 Volunteer Opportunities

This year may look a little different but the PTA is looking for a few volunteers to help run a limited amount of programs this year. Please review the list of volunteer opportunities and indicate any programs/areas you would like to be involved in or learn more about. You will be connected with the appropriate Committee Chair or Windsor Staff member in the near future for more details on how you can help. Click below for more information. We can't do many of these programs out without your help! Please respond before September 15 so we are able to get programs started.

2020-2021 PTA meeting dates

Save the date to join us for our meetings for this year! We will be virtual to start and see what happens from there.

September 23 - 7PM (virtual) - we will vote on the audit and budget

October 21 - 7PM (virtual)

January 13

February 24

April 14

May 12


The proposed budget that will be voted on in the 1st meeting of the year can be found here: