Welcome To Mica

By:Marykatherine Fitzhenry

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Mica is a place were most people are like each other. Then I came along. See, the thing was that when all students were interested in the same thing then, if there was some students that were different or fake (me) they would just be ignored by everyone else in the school. The so called people that were fake would be shunned by everyone else. For example I love to bring my little buddy Cinnamon with me to school in my bright yellow sunflower bag next to my polished ukulele . I do not understand the reason for this because everyone is different in there own way and everyone has different ways to express them selves to people.

Who to watch out for...

  • Hillary Kimble
  • The Jury's
  • Wayne Pare
  • Most of the school
You should watch out for these people because they really don't want to be your friends and they really just want to make your life miserable and want to embarrass you in front of everyone they know. They want to make sure everyone treats you with less respect than they would and they want to make sure that you are never happy.

How to act during a sports game...

  • Do not cheer for the other team.
  • Do not get upset if the other team is loosing.
  • Do not try to help the other teams players.
  • Try to stay happy no matter what.
While cheering in a sports game you really have to make sure that you are not cheering for the other team in anyway o help the other team. At least that is what Leo told me not to do anymore because he said that I was making us loose even more and that it is not okay for me to just walk out of a game if the opposing team is loosing by a lot. Also, that I could be the reason we lost in the championship to the

How not to embarrassed your self during school...

  • Try not to wear a porcupine neck tie.
  • Don't bring your pet rat to school.
  • Don't bring your ukulele to school.
  • Don't sing to people when it is there birthday at lunch.
Christina Aguilera - Beautiful (Lyrics On Screen)

Why I picked this...

I picked this song to show you how I felt while I was Susan. I thought that I was going to be happy because I might get friends when I become Susan and this would make me happy. I was wrong because I thought that when other people where happy then it would make me happy too. Become Susan made me sad that I had to become someone that I am not just for people to like me. I did not agree with this once I thought it through so I decides to change back to Star girl or I should say my real self. This song connects to my acts because it talks about how you could be who ever you want as long as you are happy with your life. Also it talks about how people could be mean but, as long as you have hope and happiness you will get through it. The song also talks about how you could be anyone you want to be and you can do anything as long as you have hope and are happy.

Things You Should Know About Hillary Kimble

  • She will always want to one up you.
  • Her goal is to make everyone miserable besides Wayne Parr and her friends.
  • She will pick on your outfit choices.
  • If you get on her nerves she will make sure the whole school turns against you.
Be Yourself! Motivational Speech

Why I Picked This...

I picked this speech because it talks about how people worry about what other people think. I thought this way when I was convinced that I should become Susan for the better. But, for the better of what? To better myself? To better others? To fit in? When I became Susan these were the things I would think about. I thought that if I changed my appearances and my actions then more people would want to become my friend and talk to me instead of shunning me. I believed that people would change what they thought of me if I became someone else. I was wrong. I thought that people didn’t like me for me then I could just change and everything would be ok. I thought that this way I was making everyone else happy I forgot who I was really leaving out. Being myself. When I became Susan I learned things about myself that I didn’t know before. I learned that I don’t need the whole school knowing me as the most popular kid in the school. I also learned that I don’t need popularity and friends to make me happy because if I got these things I would not be happy on the inside. When I was Susan I didn’t feel like I was myself because I had changed in different ways. I cared about what others thought of me and I wanted to be the person everyone knew and wished they could be exactly like them. I knew that I had to change back to save myself. I really needed a refresher on who I really am. That is the reason I changed back and that is what the speech is talking about. The speech says that some people worry about what others think of them. This makes them insecure inside and want to change themselves. The thing they should know is that everyone is different and people care about different things. Some people think that it is important to be the most popular person in school and others think that it is good to have there own friend group that really stays together no matter what. Everyone should remember that everyone is different in their own ways and people shouldn’t care what others think of them, as long as they are happy and are always being themselves.

How to always be yourself...

  • Find your enchanted place were you are able to relax at.
  • Try to make friends that like you for you.
  • Never change to make other people happy.
  • Don't care about what others think of you.
Throughout this school year I learned that the strongest thing you can be is to be yourself. If you change who you are because of someone you will not be happy. You should never change something about you for someone else. You also should not let people that are trying to change you bug you. You are perfect just the way you are. No one should be able to change you. You always have to be yourself and never care what other people think of you.

How to remember everything about people...

  • Always read the newspaper.
  • Pay attention to everyone in school.
  • Follow people around in the mall.
  • Spy on people when you see them around.
I like to learn things about people that I didn't know before. I learn these things be watching them and wondering about there story. I like to watch people interact with there friends and I like to learn about people's lives and what is going on in them. I think most people think it is a little weird that I do this but, really I learn a lot about people from it.

Outfits To Wear To School...

  • Wear what ever you want to were.
  • You don't have to follow the new trend that is going on so as long as you are happy wear what ever you want to wear.
  • Be a new you everyday.
  • Express your personality in your clothes.
Everyone dresses differently. In clothing you can express your self in very different ways weather it's a custom, ballroom dress or jeans and a t-shirt. You can show your personality throughout your clothing. You can express your creativity and your imagination. People have different ways to express them selves and clothing is a good way to show case your personality.