Taste of Texas Project: Italy

Sydney Hubert Period 7

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Push Factors

Why did the Italians leave their home country?

  • Until the mid-19th century, Italians coming to the Texas area were adventurers, explorers, and soldiers.
  • Many of the Italians were explorers and went on expeditions with Coronado and La Salle.
  • The Italians frequently found their way to the northern providences of Spain.
  • The prospect of required service in the Italian Army also inspired many to leave Italy.
  • Italian explorers wanted more exploration in the New World like Spain so Italian soldiers and sailors took employment elsewhere.
  • When Italians traded with Texas they liked Texas so they stayed.
  • Moved away from economic depression and warfare in Europe.
  • The Italians were originally migrating to Mexico but Texas got its share of the immigrants.
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Itailians Settling in Texas

The Italians mostly settled in the Brazos Valley, around Bryan, mainland Galveston county, Montague county in Red River Valley. Thurber Texas was mostly all Italians who were in the mining business but when all the mines closed they moved back to Italy. The towns near Thurber Texas were Mingus and Gordon.

Why Texas?

  • The Italians have explored in Texas an Texas was a Spanish providence.
  • The Italians were mainly going to Mexico but Texas got its fair share.
  • The Italians came to Texas to have a better and more interesting career as an explorer.

The Italian Culture!

  • The Italian culture has a lot of art, family, architecture, music, and food. Italy is the home of the Roman Empire and the renaissance.

  • The population of Italy is about 96% Italians.

  • The official language of Italy is Italian.

  • Family is very important in the Italian culture. “familia!”

  • The main religion in Italy is Roman Catholicism.

  • Home of the many amazing sites in the world like the Colosseum and The Leaning Tower of Pisa. Also the home of many museums and churches like the Sistine Chapel.

  • Food is a big part of the Italian culture and is usually at family gatherings. Wine, cheese, pasta, and pizza are big parts of the italian cusine.

  • Many of the businesses in Italy are family owned.

  • Holidays. November 1 is Saints Day when the Italians give peace to the dead relatives. Celebrate mostly christian holiday. April 25 marking liberation Day where they celebrate the ending of World War 2 in Italy in 1945.
  • Soccer is the most popular sport in Italy.



  • Ground Beef
  • Ground Sausage
  • Noodles
  • Tomatos(diced and paste)
  • Garlic
  • Spaghetti seasoning packet
  • Italian seasoning, salt, pepper, sugar, water, onion powder, basil

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Important People

  • Amerigo Vespucci, his name was given to the continents in the New World and was one of the first Europeans to see the Texas Coast.

  • Henri De Tonti, was overshadowed by his commander, La Salle. The Italian left his own mark on Texas.

  • Vincente Micheli, was one of the earliest Italian merchants to settle in Texas.

  • Vicente Filisola, when Santa Anna came to Texas in 1836 to put an end to the rebellion against Mexico Vicente came with him as second-in-command.

  • Prospero Bernardi, was the only Italian known to have fought with Texas at the Battle of San Jacinto.

  • Bartholomew Rollando, The first Italian born missionary to Texas came in 1845.

  • Decimus Et Ultimus Barziza, Lawyer and Banker he is remembered as the greatest criminal lawyer in Texas of his time, and the author of The Adventures of The Prisoner of War.

  • The Bruni Family, Antonio Bruni, a San Antonio businessman, politician, and public benefactor, was encouraged by his own success to invite other italians to settle in Texas.

  • Anthony Ghio, achieved his greatest success as a town builder on the Northeastern Texas frontier in the 1870’s.

Analysis Paragraph

The Italians had a great, fun, and amazing culture that still shows in Texas today. There are many Italians in Texas today and a lot of food. All around Texas there are Italian Restaurants and Pizza is one of the most popular foods in Texas. Soccer is also a big sport in Italy but also Texas.


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