Ashley's Babysitting

Come spend the day with me!!

Hi!! My name's Ashley Thalassinos, If you are looking for a babysitter you should consider to give me a call. I love being around kids and having so much fun with them.


  • 547-289-0701


  • I will be available Friday through Sunday
  • Once you contact me we could discuss a time that would be good


  • I would be able to babysit at my house or yours depending on what you prefer. If you would like I would be able to watch your kids at the park or any other fun place they would like!


  • I have had experiences with my cousins and friends family members and my friends younger siblings. If you wanted to for the first day you could stay with me and do your own thing while I watch your kids.


  • I am great around kids, and I like to play a lot
  • I know how to cook if a time came and I needed to
  • I always have a lot of energy
  • I am athletic so if your kids are into sports I would be able to play with them!