Shakeology is Whole Food Nutrition, Simplified

Most Americans do not eat nearly enough fruits and vegetables, as recommended by the FDA. When we combine this hard to swallow fact, with ADHD, as well as other neurological impairments, the risk or poor nutrition becomes even greater. In the attached video below, I had a "Nutrition Heart to Heart" with my ADHD students. I'm sure you will find that a nutritional intervention is necessary. Drinking Shakeology daily is great place to start!

Motivation Rescue

Contact me today, to find out more about Shakeology. As a certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor and Independent Team Beachbody Coach, I am ready to help you to reach your greatest potential. As a High School special education teacher, I specialize in helping children and adults with ADHD, cultivate their strengths to live the life of their dreams. As a mother of two little girls, I Know that ending the trend of obesity, needs to start at home.
Shakeology Ingredients: Tony Horton Checks Out Shakeology
Taking Tony Horton to School!
Feed your kids Shakeology, not chicken nuggets