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December 9th, 2016

Candy Cane Challenge

Our December STEM challenge is called the "Candy Cane Challenge." Here are the details the Navigator House students were given: You are trying to ship candy canes to your aunt, but you want to make sure they get there without breaking. You also don't want to pay a fortune to ship your candy canes so you want your packaging to be as light as possible. Work with your team to come up with the lightest package that will keep the candy canes safe on their journey to your aunts house. Students came up their own list of supplies that they would need. They need to build a package that will keep the candy canes safe in a paper bag (not breaking after dropping the bag from the top of the 2nd floor of the building to the first floor). The lightest package that has unbroken candy canes will win. On Friday, December 16th, we will see what group wins. Check out the pictures here on the kids making the packages.

Winter MAP Testing - December 13th-14th

We are doing our mid-year winter MAP testing before the winter break this year. We will be MAP testing next week on Tuesday, December 13th and Wednesday, December 14th. There is nothing your child needs to do to prepare for these tests except to get a good night's sleep and eat a good breakfast that morning. This is just a check to be sure students are making adequate progress on their yearly goals.

Winter Celebration - December 22nd

On Thursday, December 22nd the Navigator House is going to celebrate all of our hard work so far this school year. We will start the day watching a fun holiday movie. After that we will have a gift exchange in which students can bring in a $5-$8 gift that is wrapped (boys bring in a gift for boys and girls for girls). We will play a game in which anyone who brings a gift will be able to go home with a gift from someone else, but they won't know who it is from. Some of the fun gifts in the past have been candy, blankets, and gift cards. Even if you don't want to bring in a gift, it is fun to watch as this game is played. We welcome any treats if anyone wants to bring them in to help us celebrate the day also. From 1:30-2:30 in the afternoon is the school wide Snowball Social. Then we will end the day with singing carols and/or watching different Christmas light displays.

No School - December 23rd-Jan 2nd

There is no school on December 23rd-Jan 2nd for the winter break.

Speak Up 2016

The Speak Up Research Project polls K-12 students, parents and educators about the role of technology for learning in and out of school and represents the largest collection of authentic, unfiltered stakeholder voice on digital learning. Since 2003, more than 4.5 million participants have shared their views and ideas through Speak Up. Education, business and policy leaders report that they use the data regularly to inform federal, state and local education programs. The Speak Up 2016 online surveys open October 12, 2016 through December 16, 2016. Please read more at Speak Up 2016 Flyer.

Lineville Intermediate - Password flyer

December Class Updates

In social studies this month, we are learning about the problems in society that were caused by the Industrial Revolution. We will also take a look at the Progressive Era, and discuss some of the solutions to some of these problems. Students will also be doing a research project on a person or group of people that took a stand during this time period to make a change for the better.

In math, the students are working on a self-paced fraction unit. Students will be able to take responsibility of their own learning and work at their own pace. All the resources for this unit can be found in our Schoology course.

In science, we are starting a new unit on Electricity and Magnetism. There are many fun hands-on activities that we will be doing with this unit including students coming up with their own question and experiment at the end of the unit.

In language arts, we are finishing up our personal narrative writing unit. The week before winter break, we will be doing a mini-unit comparing and contrasting our read aloud book Holes with the movie. Students will need to write a paper comparing and contrasting how reading a book is different than watching a movie using this experience.

Parent Information - Schoology

If you are looking for information regarding your child's day here at school, please check Schoology. We post all assignments and important information there. We have just about everything we do in class each day there. Please have your child show it to you. If your child is absent, that is a great place to check for any assignments they may have missed. If you are unfamiliar with Schoology or would like to know how we are using it this year, please watch the screencast below.
Schoology Screencast

Stay warm!

Mrs. Hayes

Mrs. Petasek