War for the Weak and the Weary

The Wars of Children

About Me

My name is Steven Faucheux and this flyer was created as a part of a school project to inform people about Child Soldiers. Scan this QR code to access my online flyer and links

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Quick Facts

  1. In Rwanda, 23,000 children were recruited from 1990-1993
  2. Children as young as 7 years old are being kidnapped for war.
  3. Child soldiers are found in South America, Africa, parts of the Middle East and Asia.
  4. In most countries, humanitarian crisis's causes parents to pull kids out of school because the cost is too high for their poor income.
  5. most countries have laws in place preventing the use of child soldiers, but some countries do not and the kidnapping of these children is aloud.
  6. 260/300 children experienced PTS-like symptoms after leaving or escaping the war.
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Help The Innocent

Invisible Children is the leading source of help for these children. They provide rehabilitation centers and safe houses for effected kids. You can donate to help kids around the world by saving them from eminent death. Go to the link below to donate.