Breast Cancer Support

By: Samantha Daniels

The Low Down

Breast cancer is a tumor that develops within the breast tissue of both men, and women. The stages of this cancer vary, from minimal treatment to potentially fatal. Breast Cancer affects thousands of (mostly) women in the United States annually. Thankfully, there are ways for early detection, prevention, and numerous support groups in our greater Cincinnati area.

American Cancer Society Hope Lodge

Cincinnati has a extensive range of of medical treatment facilities dedicated to help those affected with not only breast cancer. For those who need to stay near their treatment facility, or for those who are traveling from out of town for an extended cancer treatment, can stay for free at the Hope Lodge sponsored by the American Cancer Society. This facility can hold up to 22 rooms, with bathroom and kitchen amenities. They also hold events such as make over nights, or family cooking nights to help the individuals. Locals for Cincinnati can also volunteer to help makes these experiences memorable in a different way for individuals affected with Cancer.

A Note of the Hope Lodge

Even though this is not exactly a support group, I felt this was extremely important to list. My mother stayed in a lodge similar to this one in New Orleans, LA during her breast cancer treatment. She lodged for free once she was discharged from the hospital. During her stay, women came and gave manicures, sponsored meals, and helped them do their hair and make up. This lodge played an extremely important role in her support through treatment through her cancer journey.

Susan G. Komen Greater Cincinnati

Susan G. Komen is a nationally recognized organization with a branch here in the greater Cincinnati area. 75% of their funds go toward empowering and educating local women diagnosed with breast cancer. They also help to support these women in medical expenses, as well as prevention treatment. Multiple evens throughout Cincinnati take place every year to help raise money for their causes.

They can be contacted through two methods:

FORCE: Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered

The Cincinnati branch of this national organization is dedicated to providing support to individuals within the process of determining their risk of cancer, or support through their risk management options. This particular group is dedicated to through affected by ovarian and breast cancer. On their website, you can sign up for a group meeting, or simply email their group leaders. Meetings are scheduled approximately once a month, with a different topic at hand, including genetic counseling for family planning, and those who are positive for the BRCA mutation.

The next support meeting is April 27, 2016 from 6:30-8pm at St. Elizabeth hospital in Northern Kentucky.

To RSVP to this event, contact