Quail Valley Cheerleading Tryout!

2021-2022 Season

Deadline Extended to May 24th, 2021

Important Tryout Information

Important Steps to Complete Your Tryout: All steps must be completed.

1. Complete the application https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1Hl3f9kD8kUxnuBkY-4Xph73WxlYI7qUMq95U_F2D6ck/edit

2. Email your tryout video to shawna_simmons@snowlineschools.com

3. Teacher Recommendation *Send this link below to a current teacher https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1HlIO3AhMs1Mx1pkmfxaKwF_awumJSjFKFKVnJxKnBT0/edit

* Video Sumissions and Applications due May 24th, 2021.

*All Teacher Recommendations are due by May 21st, 2021.


Due to the extension providing additional time to practice, candidates that have already submitted videos are permitted to send a second tryout video if they would like. There will be no penalty for submitting a second tryout video as the highest score of the two will be used to determine the final results.

Tryout Video Guideline

Include in your tryout video:

1. Personal introduction

2. Perform the cheer

3. Perform a toe touch

4. Tumbling or special skills

You will be scored on each part of your tryout video. Make sure to include ALL parts!

More information on each requirement

1. Personal introduction

Tell us your name, the school that you attend, and why you would like to be a cheerleader at Quail Valley Middle School. We are looking for girls who are enthusiastic about cheer and eager to learn. Tell us something about yourself and why we should pick YOU for the team. Let your personality shine through! :)

2. Perform the Cheer

Use the tryout routine video to learn the cheer. You can use the front facing and the back facing version to learn it, but when you record your own video, make sure you perform toward the camera so that we can see and hear you clearly. Try to pick a spot that is quiet, without noise or background distractions.

3. Perform a toe touch

Show us your toe touch. We want to see your technique and skill when it comes to jumps. If you are new to cheerleading and you do not know what a toe touch is, not to worry! You can use this video to help you learn and prepare before your tryout.


4. Tumbling or special skills

Tumbling and flexibility are important parts of cheerleading. In this section, we want to see any special skills that YOU would like to show us. This could be a back handspring, a cartwheel, a scale or even a forward roll. If you do not have any cheer experience at all, use this video to get some ideas of skills that you can show. You will get points for this section, so make sure you practice and prepare!


*If you are working on a skill like a back handspring and you need a spot for safety, you may include someone to spot you in your video as long as that is the ONLY portion of your video that includes another person.

What to wear:

Dress to impress! Pick an outfit that is appropriate to exercise in and shows your personal style. Be sure to adhere to your school's dress code. Look below for an example of what you could wear.

How to title your Tryout Video:

First and Last Name followed by "QVMS TRYOUT VIDEO"

*If you are submitting your tryout video in multiple parts, please make sure that you state how many parts are being submitted Ex. Video 1 of 4

Students will be judged in the following areas:

1. Skill execution - cheer, tumbling, jumps, etc.

2. Confidence, Personality, and Showmanship

3. Potential and Enthusiasm

4. Teacher Recommendations and School Behavior

5. Overall Impression

Big picture

Virtual Tryout Dates

Friday, April 30th, 5pm to Friday, May 21st, 5pm

This is an online event.

4/30/21-Cheer material posted (Currently taking submissions)

5/21/21-Teacher Recommendation deadline *EXTENDED*

5/24/21- Virtual Tryout video deadline *EXTENDED*

This tryout is open to current 6th and 7th grade students as well as our soon-to be 6th graders planning to attend QVMS next school year.

Cheer to Learn

We've added the front and the back view for learning purposes. When you take you tryout video, please perform toward the camera.

TIP: If you need extra help, you can record the example video in slow motion with your phone to get a better look.

2021 USA Tryout Cheer (Front View)
2021 USA Tryout Cheer (Back View)

Words for the Cheer

Blue & Gold,


If you’re from Central & you’re proud

Help us yell our colors out

Blue, Gold Blue, Gold

If you’re from Central & you’re proud

Help us yell our letters out


Blue, Gold C-H-S

Virtual Tryout Reminder!

Check out QVMS in the highlights video for USA Jr. Nationals 2019.

2019 USA Jr. Nationals Highlights