What are Forces?


What is a force?

Example: in a car there are forces that pull and forces that push the stronger one might be the push force so the car goes forwards.A force is basically a push or a pull.

Forces are important because if they didn't exist objects/people couldn't move.

What makes an object move?

If the force is balanced the object doesn't move because the forces are the same strength but if the the forces are unbalanced well, then the object moves.

What is friction?

Friction is a force between two objects that makes resistance, if there wasn't friction when we walk we would fall down!!!! I think friction is really important.

Friction only happens in solid objects but you can get resistance of motion in liquids and gases.

In what unit do we measure forces?

We measure forces in newtons (N).

Why are they called newtons?

Well, the unit we measure forces are called newtons because they were named after Isaac Newton.

What equipment can be used to measure forces?

You can use a newton meter.

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