Friday Newsletter

Mrs. Roy's and Mrs. Ozar's Class

October 9, 2015

This Week

Math 6: The students have been working on finishing up our first unit. A study guide went home yesterday, and the test will be on Tuesday. The students are also working on a graphing project in groups. They had to design a survey, collect data, and graph their data. Most groups are done with the bar graph, and will start on a circle graph next.

Math 5: Students are finishing up Unit 1. A Review Packet/Study Guide was given to students to complete and the Unit 1 Test is Monday, 10/12. There will be a review in class and an optional, informal study session will be offered on Monday at lunch time.

Reading: We've begun Global Read Aloud! Our book is Fish in a Tree. We'll be connecting with other students as we read this book. A note is coming home about our class twitter account which you can follow. We have updates about our reading there as well. In reading, we're also working on reader response letters that will go along with our 40 book goal. Students will need to submit one letter per week to go along with their independent reading. Students will have time in class to work on the letters, but may need to finish them at home if they cannot in class.

Writing: We continue to work on our personal narratives in class. The hooks and leads that the students are writing are fantastic! They are really drawing the readers in, and encouraging them to read on! The students are also working on expanding a big moment in their writing with sensory details, and describing characters in action scenes.

Social Studies:We are studying the 5 themes of Geography. Students were asked to write directions to their house from Trombly and to include the absolute location, relative location, human characteristics and physical characteristics.

Science: Students have begun experiments on pendulums.

Spelling: Students will be getting their week #5 list on Monday.

We talked about how each student studies for a spelling test and it sounds like a lot of you go above and beyond to help your kids learn these words, they were all very eager to share their strategies.

Upcoming Events

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