Alta Medical Billing

December News - For Your Information......

Charges and Billings

As you know charges and billings were delayed earlier in the month due to inclement weather in India. Our team is back on board as of last week and has been concentrating on getting all charges up to date. We can expect all clinics be caught up by end of week.

Friendly Reminders...

Errors in patient demographics and insurance information account for 30-40% of billing errors. To avoid these errors it is very important to remember these few pointers:

- When scanning in patient insurance cards, please make sure you scan both sides of the card as there is vital information on the back of the card that is needed for accurate billing. If you are making a copy of the insurance card prior to scanning, please enlarge the copy as much as possible, when a scan is done from a copy it can be very blurry and difficult to read.

- Ask patients if there are any changes to their address, phone numbers and/or insurance, each visit.

- If your office makes any type of special payment arrangement with a patient, please make sure to put that information in the patient notes.

- When scheduling a new patient appointment and obtaining the patient's insurance information, please verify the insured's name, date of birth, and relationship to the insured (ie..spouse, child, etc).


We want to say thank you for being prompt responders to information requests. This helps insure the clinic's charges are current. THANK YOU!!

Office Holiday Hours at Alta

Just a quick reminder - the billing office will be closed Thursday 12/24 and Friday 12/25 for Christmas.

Recruiting and Placement Services

If you are looking to fill staff openings in your office, please call us! We would love to help you. Call Kathryn at 817-863-5358