6th Grade Newsletter

March 2016

General Announcements

  • March 18 - Dance 5:30 - 7:30
  • March 24 - Regular School Day
  • March 25 - Early Release
  • March 28 - April 1 - Spring Break

Language Arts

Mr. Brooks

Students in Mr. Brooks' language arts class are excited to begin using Socratic Circles. For the next several weeks, students will closely read a variety of texts and have critical conversations about what they have read. They will also delve into the art of poetry, and will even write a little of it as well! As usual, vocabulary, grammar, and fluency will continue to be staples of our class.

Mrs. Dyson

In Mrs. Dyson's Lang. Arts class we just finished reading the Science Fiction novel, "The Green Book". Students learned about conservation, rationing, preservation and perseverance in the mist of adversity. Students were surprised by the ending when they discovered the story was written from the perspective of the youngest child, Patti. The month of March we will be reading "Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life". Our vocabulary study has taught us how to identify words with value, direction, and joining stems found in words. We are now studying conflict stems.

Mrs. Kerr

Mrs. Kerr's language arts class is continuing their journey with Ulysses, and making connections to other works of literature, as well as to history. A favorite story is "The Cyclops' Cave", where Ulysses outwitted Polyphemus. We are discussing the characteristics that a hero possesses, as well as traits of a leader.


Mrs. Lowery

Mrs. Lowery's classes are learning ALGEBRA! You read that right....ALGEBRA! We are discovering the basics in algebra including variables, exponents, terms, numerical expressions, algebraic expressions, simplifying expressions, and substituting in expressions. Students are working hard every day using our four properties to help us simplify and solve.

Mr. Strickland

Mr. Strickland's Math class has been exploring how to read the road map for math equations. Order of Operations is a multi-step process that can easily take a wrong turn if the directions are not easily understood. Practicing PEMDAS and challenging ourselves through working expressions backwards and forwards, has given us a greater understanding of the concept.


Ms. Baldwin

Baldwin's botanists have been busy with bees, butterflies and blooms. (How about that alliteration, Mrs. Dyson and Mr. Brooks?!) Just in time for Spring, sixth grade scientists are investigating plants, plant processes and interactions. We have included I Pad activities and seed labs in our research!

Mr. Strickland

Mr. Strickland's Science class has investigated plant reproduction and plant structure through various online activities like The Great Plant Escape. We were asked to solve mysteries by reading a case brief and collecting evidence. Only through evaluating our facts and comparing our data were we able to crack the case of what type of plant or flower was in question.

Social Studies

Mr. Brooks

Our social studies classes have been knee deep in Ancient China! From dynastys to Great Walls, we are covering all the bases! The week before spring break students will be treated to a special project, creating their own Terracotta Soldier! Also, we will begin a study of early Central/South American people including the Mayan and the Aztec.

Mrs. Smith

Mrs. Smith's Social Studies classes are just beginning our study of Ancient China. Students will explore many different aspects of this ancient civilization such as the Dynasties, the Great Wall, the achievements and inventions and the Terracotta Army and Horses from the tomb of Emperor Qin Shi Huang. We also continue to cover current news events and what is happening in the world outside of Davie County.