Procedures of Civil cases

By: Kayla Joyner

Steps of Civil Law

1. After hiring a lawyer, he or she will file a complaint and then the court files a pleading.

2. You are a plaintiff at this point and a summons will summon the defendant to court. After that the defendants is arranged a pre-trial conference and a hearing will be were all evidence and information of the case will be examined.

3. This is when trail begins. During the trail you have the burden of proving the facts and claims in the complaint. This is called the preponderance of evidence.

4. Mediation one way to settle any dispute you encounter. This is were a mediator would be the third party and have two parties come to an agreement. Another way to settle a dispute is through arbitration. This is when the parties refer the dispute to one or more person and the arbiters decide on the final choice.

5. The jury then makes a final verdict in favor of the plaintiff or the defendant, determine liability and the damage with the money

6. If you loose the case then you can repeal the case to a higher court. Or you can win the case and don't have to do anything afterwards.