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FMS 8th Grade Newsletter: Week of Sept. 23-27

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Unit Objective:

8RL1A: Draw conclusions, infer, and analyze by citing the textual evidence that most strongly supports an analysis of what the text says explicitly as well as inferences drawn from the text. Learning Target: Identify the setting of a story including time, place and mood.

This Week in ELA:

Monday- Introduce character traits and how they are portrayed through static and dynamic characters. Begin Miss Awful.

Tuesday- Read Miss Awful and apply character traits to the characters

Wednesday- Character Traits Application

Thursday- Read The Lottery

Friday- Character Trait Application and Exit Slips

We will spend time discussing round, flat, dynamic and static character traits. We will also reflect on how students can relate to the characters in the story. Students will read and listen to the short stories and work collaboratively to apply character traits they have learned.


Unit Objectives:

GM.A.1 Verify experimentally the congruency properties of rigid transformations.

GM.A.5 Use informal arguments to establish facts about the angle sum and exterior angle of triangles and about the angles created when parallel lines are cut by a transversal.

Learning Target for the Week:

To identify and use congruency in transformations.

Monday: Mid-Unit Assessment

Tuesday: Lesson 11 What's the Same; Week Sheet #4

Wednesday: Lesson 12 Congruent Polygons

Thursday: Lesson 14 Alternate Interior Angles

Friday: Lesson 15 Adding Angles in Triangles

Week Sheet #4 (Lessons 11-15) assigned Tuesday; due Monday

Advanced Math

Unit Objective:

Understand how to write and solve equations and inequalities.

Learning Target for the Week:

To use and solve equations and proportions.

Monday: Similar Figures WS

Tuesday: Volume of Prisms and Cylinders WS

Wednesday: Volume of Pyramids and Cones WS

Thursday: Apply Volume WS

Friday: Surface Area WS


Students will be diving into a new unit of Forces and Motion. The unit objectives are:

6-8.ps2.a.2 Plan and conduct an investigation to provide evidence that the change in an object's motion depends on the sum of forces on the object and the mass of the object

6-8.ps2.a.1Apply physics principles to design a solution that minimizes the force of an object during a collision and develop an evaluation of the solution

Learning Target for the Week: Learn about the forces that effect motion along with Newton's first law of motion.

Monday: Knipe: Forces reading and notes

Shrout: Complete redesign cycle and test the final lander product

Tuesday: Knipe--Balanced vs unbalanced forces simulation

Shrout: Lander Assessment

Wednesday: NWEA Testing

Thursday: NWEA Testing

Friday: Knipe--Cantilevers (balanced and unbalanced forces)

Shrout: Force stations: Cantilevers (balanced and unbalanced forces)

Convention wrap up

This past week was our first full week back! Yay! The students were eager to learn and we finished up the Constitutional Convention. We also studied the different types of governments, including authoritarianism, monarchies and what America is, a Representative Democracy/Constitutional Republic. A lot of great conversation came from that lesson and we also learned about checks and balances and how it keeps the three branches of government in check.

Social Studies

Unit Objective:

6-8.AH.3.GS.E: Apply the principles of rule of law, representation, separation of powers, checks and balances, and federalism to explain the purposes and functions of the Constitution.

This Week in History:

What a busy week we had! For this coming week, we will (finally) start on the Bill of Rights! Your student will work with a partner and research a Bill and then teach it to the class.

Questions? Email your child's social studies teacher:

Lara Brunk - lbrunk@fulton58.org

Chris Crowson - ccrowson@fulton58.org -


Hats and Hoodies in School

As a reminder, hats and hoodies are only to be worn at school if a student has purchased a Hat Pass from the Thrive Hive. Students who choose to wear hats or hoodies in the hallway will be asked to take them off.