Blue Academy: Re-entry Plan

F.A.M.I.L.Y. Edition


Good afternoon Blue Academy F.A.M.I.L.Y.

I am very #DecaturProud to begin this school year as your new principal at Blue Academy. Our district leadership and Blue Academy Leadership Team have worked together to prepare for our safe return to school on Thursday August 6th, 2020.

Below you will find information and guidance on how procedures we will enact to keep you student safe while they return to school. Please continue to check Parent Square and our website for updates regarding safe re-entry during this difficult time. Please remember that at this time masks are required on the busses and at school. This is for the health and safety of students and staff.

In regard to masks Grades 1-2 masks are highly recommended when social distancing is not possible. We will work with our students on establishing this procedure and routine to help them once we return.

Grades 3-6 masks will be required when social distancing is not possible. Once again we will work with our students on establishing this procedure and routine as we settle in to our new normal.

If you are able please send two masks to school. We are asking that you send the second mask in a sealed baggy with their name as well as their teachers name. It will only be used if they soil or lose the first mask.

If you would like to opt out of bus transportation this year, please contact the school so we can cancel the bus and add your child to the car rider list. Also, it is very important to update your numbers and any emergency contact numbers in Skyward. Mrs. Anderson, our secretary would also be happy to update numbers for you. Please don't hesitate to contact her for all of your student information and registration needs at 317-856-4100.


Mr. Adam C. Allen

DELC: Principal, Blue Academy


Online registration is available now. You can register from the comfort and safety of home. If you have any trouble or questions while registering, please call the school office at 317-856-4100 between the hours of 8:00 and 4:30.

-If you need access to technology or in-person assistance, we will have ONE day of in-person registration on July 21. You may come between 9:00AM-12:00PM or 4:00PM-8:00PM. You will enter Door 14 from the bus parking lot off of Epler Rd.

-If you registered online in the spring, you do not need to register again or come to the in-person registration.

-If you are choosing our Remote Learning Option, you must go into Skyward and make that selection on the form, even if you have already registered for school. The deadline for this selection is now been pushed back to Wednesday July 29th.


Parents, please screen your children for symptoms prior to the school day. If they are sick, please keep them home. Attendance guidelines are flexible this year. Please look for the following symptoms and keep students home that display any of the following:

  1. Fever at or above 100 degrees

  2. Congestion or runny nose

  3. Cough

  4. Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing

  5. Diarrhea

  6. Nausea and vomiting

  7. Sore throat

  8. Muscle pain or fatigue

  9. Chills

  10. New loss of taste or smell

  11. Headache

  12. If you are in close contact with any symptomatic person within the last two weeks

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Per order of Governor Holcomb as of July 23rd, all students, teachers, support staff and administration are required to wear a cloth facial covering/ mask/face shield. All students who are in grades 3 - 12 will be required to wear a cloth facial covering/ mask at school. Masks are only strongly recommended for students in grades K-2. All students are also required to wear a face covering while on a school bus. Masks are also required for co-curricular and extracurricular activities, with exceptions for strenuous physical activity. Face Shields are not an option for students.


We will not be having a traditional Meet the Teacher Night. Mr. Allen and Mrs. Gettinger will kick off our Meet the Teacher Night with a whole school virtual Webex welcoming all parents back to Blue Academy. More info will be coming soon. After our welcoming session you may exit and click on your individual teacher session that will be posted through Parent Square to participate in a live Webex classroom session. This session will cover new school processes, procedures, introductions, and Title I information specific to your child's classroom. There will also be specific information for our first grade students and new students to the school.


Please send students to school with two masks. Extra masks are available for soiled or missing masks. Soap and paper towels are available in the middle rooms and hand sanitizer stations are outside of each room. All classrooms will have wipes or spray for disinfecting surfaces. Students are NOT allowed to disinfect/clean surfaces.


Upon arrival at school in the morning, all students will enter through Door 14 (bus riders) or Door 1 (car riders). There may be no stops along the way. Restrooms will be monitored so that no one may enter them without teacher permission. All students will need to wear a mask to be able to enter the building. Staff will have masks to distribute at entry locations to students without masks. Please be sure to contact our school if you wish to opt out of school transportation at this time.


Students will be dismissed via the PA starting at 3:25pm by grade level. All teachers will walk their students to their individual buses. Students who are going to AYS or the car rider line will be dropped off by their teacher at their designated location. Students will then transition to the car rider or AYS.


All car rider drop off and pick up will be at the main entrance. Please proceed to the car rider line that will begin at the U-shaped drive in front of DELC. Please pull all the way to the drop off sign/car in front of you. Only cars within the designated block will release their students. Please wait for Blue Academy staff to signal.

Parents, you are not to exit your car for the safety and health of our students and staff. Your students will not be released into the parking lot. Students will only be released to their parent/guardian in the car rider line.


Visitors are prohibited from entering the building this year. Parents and others will not be able to eat lunch with students or volunteer in classrooms. Field trips and guest speakers are cancelled this year. Convocations and celebrations will be virtual.

When dropping off a student after 8:50AM, please use Door 1 at DELC. Only the child will enter the building. To pick up a child, parents will need ID to show at the door for verification and then proceed back to their vehicle. Blue Academy staff will walk the student to the parents vehicle. Please call ahead if/when you will need to pick up your child before dismissal.


Parents will need to make appointments to turn in medication at the school. You can do that by calling 317-856-4100 and asking for the nurse.

There will be two areas in our clinic, one for well children and one for sick or symptomatic children.

Sick Children:

  • If a child is symptomatic, the teacher must call the nurse, the nurse will come to the student, the student will not be sent to the nurse’s office.

  • Both the nurse and the student must have their masks on for all check-ups.

  • If a student has a temperature of 100 or more they will be sent home. Only the nurse can take temperatures and use the thermometer.

  • It is important for families to have established contacts who are able to pick up students within 30 minutes during the school day.

  • Other major injuries or illnesses will be addressed by the nurse. (Examples: Illnesses that occur at school, injuries that occur at school, emergency response, immunization compliance, and communicable disease assessment)


Water fountains are closed for the time being. We are asking you please send your student to school with a filled reusable water bottle each day. We have two water bottle refill stations. Students may bring in their own reusable water bottle. If a student is not able to purchase a water bottle the school will provide a water bottle for the student. During lunch, water will be made accessible to students as has been practice in the past. Students may not walk up to retrieve water though, this will be dispensed by staff.


Breakfast will be delivered to the classrooms each morning and students will eat in their classrooms.


The floor is marked to maintain social distancing while waiting in the lunch line. Students will be spaced out and seated with only seven to a table. Students will not be using the pin pad this year. Their seats will be assigned on the first day of school. Students will have their name written on their assigned spot for easy reference. Water will be made readily available for students and will be dispensed by adults only. Students are unable to share food or give away extras. If a student receives an incentive to use their iPad at lunch, this will be done at their assigned seat. We will not have visitors at lunch for the time being.


Classes will have assigned restrooms and times. Students are permitted to go to the restroom for emergencies.


Stairwells at Blue Academy will be designated/marked as "UP" Stairwells and "DOWN" stairwells and students will only transition in this fashion to provide for adequate social distancing and appropriate flows of throughout the school day.


Students will be able to use the recess equipment. It will be disinfected after each group plays. Games and interactions will take place on the blacktop or other available areas outside. All games and activities at recess will not include touching or using equipment with their hands.


Please send in your students supplies on the first day of school. Do not worry if there are items you cannot find. Backpacks will need to hold the basics to start the school year. There should be nothing hanging from the backpack (except for a small container of hand sanitizer if the student so chooses).


Students will be seated in rows in their classrooms. Desks will be spread out. Small group instruction will occur. Students will not share school supplies. Any materials that are shared will be disinfected after use. All classroom teachers have reduced the amount of furniture, cloth items, and wall hangings. Instruction will continue to be standards-driven and engaging. They will bring home their iPads daily. Thank you for ensuring they bring them back each day fully charged.


Specials classes will look differently this school year. Please see the following changes:

STEAM: Students will sit at tables with only two students at a table. Art supplies will be cleaned between classes. Tables and chairs will be cleaned after each class.

PE: Class will take place outside as much as possible. If not possible, class will take place in the gym. Activities will include dance, exercise videos, and activities that do not require sharing equipment. Equipment will be disinfected after each use.

Music: Students will be seated in chairs that are socially distanced. The teacher will have a portable plexiglass barrier. Students will continue to wear masks while singing. If any music equipment is used, it will be cleaned after each class along with the chairs. Recorders will not be used at this time.

Media: Class will continue to take place in the library while students socially distance from one another. Students will not be checking out books at this time. Students will use MyON as a replacement for checking out books and will complete digital literacy lessons.


Utilizing outdoor classrooms will be highly encouraged dependent upon weather. Students will not need to wear masks when social distancing is possible.


Cummins therapists will still meet and hold regular sessions with students. All family sessions will be held at the family's home.
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