About me project

By:Russell Paul Holland Jr.


Funny- everyone thinks I'm funny,because the way I talk

Dedicated- when I was 12 years old I was 210 pounds and over the summer I lost 72 pounds and I weigh 138 pounds now... I ran everyday 2 miles and ate nothing but salad.

serious-when it comes down to school or sports I don't mess around.


Trever miller(ex pitcher in the MLB)-He is my favorite person in my life, because when I was 12 I blew out my arm in baseball at the baseball fields and I couldn't throw for like 3 months but Trever came along and everything changed for me.... He help me condition my arm back up to full strength.Today I'll never forget him of what he did to me.

Julius matos(ex MLB player)-He is my other favorite person in my life, because without him or baseball that summer of 7th grade wouldn't never happened to me (lost 72 pounds).He thrived me everyday at baseball practice...on and off the field telling me to lose weight and pushing me intil I vomit or I can't breath no more. The conditioning we did was insane for a young fat kid, ever since then I still will never forget the old me.

Usssa teams I played for (travel ball) some of them



Baseball glove- This baseball glove isn't just a boring old baseball glove, it's a glove I've used since I was 10 all the way till I was 12.... I got it signed by hunter pence,prince fielder,Trevor miller,and Colby rasmus. These guys are in MLB right now today except for trever miller which he played for 14 years... Anyways this glove met a lot to me I've won so many championships with this glove. It's a tan Rawlings gold glove 11 1/2 inches long.

Fishing pole- This Fishing pole is a 100$, black and red bait caster shurmada, Best pole I've ever had its smooth and has a quick reel. It was a gift to me from my father this is why its special.

Baseball bat- This baseball bat is an Easton Xl yellow and black drop -10 composite 32-20 oz This is my most favorite bat of all time in little league I had 14 homeruns on the small fields when I was 12 there was only like 20 games in a season I was a beasts I broke the record at Land o lakes little league I was told in a single season.This bat got me my first grand slam ever in gainsville fl... Anyways I had the best time of my life with this bat.

Ridgewood high school

Hoping to graduate (I know I will) Its my goal!


middle school- So the bizarre memory I had in middle school was after school on a friday me and my buddies walk to this wendys down the road about a mile down, we get there and y friend decides that he'll get 3 large fries and a bunch of cheese sauce and I mean a lot of it like 10 to 15 cups..and one of my friends thought it was funny to pump fake cheese sauce at me and 3 cups of hot cheese sauce got all over my cloths and my face turns red ,and I start blushing I was so mad but luckily he had extra cloths from gym so then it was all good.


favorite smell-I love the smell of gas I don't know why every time my dad or mom gets gas I always want to pump the gas cause I like the smell so much.


inspirational quote- Work hard in silence, let the success be your noise. This means so much to me because when I was 12 when I was losing weight I had to do stuff on my own no one was there to watch me or to do it for me, I had to do it, on my own time while everyone else was having a blast in the summer.


positive motto - learn something new everyday and have fun doing it.


list 5 favorite songs-

1. flo rica - my house

2.T.I whatever you like

3.maroon 5- sugar

4.gasolina - daddy yankee (DJ JERZY csc)

5. Sippin' on fire - florida georgia line


list of 5 goals for my life-

1.graduate high school

2. high GPA

3.get to college

4.Get drafted to the MLB

5.Play in MLB


biggest new event (year born)- U.S sailors on Navy destroyer cole die in Yemen terrorist explosion. (oct.12)