Julia's Lightning Learners

Learning every day

We are learning..........

In reading we are working on comprehension and fluency in our easy reader books.

In math we are working on rounding numbers to the nearest tens place and also we are working on adding and subtracting 2 digit numbers using traditional.

In writing we are working on using capitol and lowercase letters in the right spot.

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In the picture above Cooper is working on a test!

Goody Celebration

We have this new thing called the Goody Celebration. Every student has a punch card were every morning if your child does not get a mark the day before they get a hole punched in their punch card. At the end of the month if they get all of their punches they get to go to the Goody Celebration. If they don't get all their punches they will miss out on the Goody Celebration. It is just a new way to give good students a reward for their behavior and the bad students something to work toward.

Class field trip to the kolideskops indoor play park

Friday, Oct. 30th, 9:30am

Main Street

Shelbyville, KY

We need some adult helpers to be a leader in each of the different groups. Just contact me if you want to be a shaperon.