Barclay Bulletin

September 9, 2019

First Week Updates

Thank you for your patience as we have worked out some of the new systems based on construction changes. Here are some of the updates from the week:

  • The buses left the Barclay/Ginther Lane around 4:00 pm Wednesday, then 3:45 pm on Thursday and Friday. We still expect some delays from our regular release time as our students get used to their bus locations.
  • Drop off in the morning has been running smoothly. I encourage cars to come into our drop off lane and wait for the vehicles to be in the unloading areas (between the flagpole and crosswalk areas) to release students. It is safest to have the students exit vehicles from the passenger sides right to the sidewalk. Once unloaded, vehicles can then leave the parking lot. Students may walk up to the building on their own. Our student release begins at 9:00 am. Students arriving after 9:25 am will be considered late, and you will have to come into the building to sign the student in.
  • If you bring a student to the sidewalk or doors, please park in the designated visitor spots in the parking lot.
  • If a child is being picked up from school, please send in a note with your child. You can make the note for an everyday pick up, or for pick up on a certain day of the week. Be sure to include who is planning to pick up the student to expedite the sign out process at the end of the day. You may also call or email the office staff during the day at
  • We do not assume that students are being picked up, even if they were picked up everyday the previous school year. Schedules and circumstances change from year to year, but one note can cover your needs for the entire year.
  • If you need to pick up early, remember that our pick up location changes at 3:00 pm. Our classroom schedules are filled until 3:20 pm, so an early release form will need to be filled out for an early dismissal from school.
  • The family cafe will open next Monday, September 16, 2019. We would like students to get used to our routines before we open the family cafe for lunches.
  • Thank you for parking in the visitor slots or across the street at the TTC lot. There should be a speed bump installed soon, making the transition to our sidewalk a little easier.

Parent Information Night

A reminder that Parent Information Night is this Wednesday evening. Classroom presentations will begin at 6:30 pm for second grade, and 7:00 pm for third grade. On the opposite times you may visit special area teachers, service providers, or attend a frequently asked questions session with Mr. Morrison in the cafeteria.

Food Service Department Updates

Students have access to breakfast everyday at school. Students who wish to have breakfast should head to the cafeteria directly from the bus release or the parent drop off in the morning.

Notes are not necessary for breakfast. The only reason we would require a note for food at Barclay is if you would like your students to be able to use money on their accounts for snacks.

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