Alan Turing

wartime code breaker and creater of computer science

Alan Turing : His education

Alan Turing was born in , London on June 23 1912. from a young age he showed high intelligence and was noticed by many of his teachers . he then went to Cambridge university and proved that some mathematical equations can not be solved. He created a machine that could compute anything computable . he called this the Turing machine.
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Alan Turing: the bombes

Alan Turing created the bombes that eventually managed to break the enigma code from Germany and England and eventually won the war . he saved thousands of lives and cut the war down by two years. the enigma code had 100000000000000 codes for each letter .
The Imitation Game - Official UK Teaser Trailer

the limitation game

this short film trailer shows the life of Alan Turing the film will be out in cinemas soon

Alan turing-Death

in his later life Alan Turing was admitted to a mental hospital . he had to go through torture and in the end could take no more and ate an apple laced with syanide.
Codebreaker -- Alan Turing's life and legacy


this short video shows Alan turings life and legacy.