6D's Inquiry

Dream By Casey


What do you want to create?

I want to create a mini beauty kit because I am interested in beauty. Another reason why I want to create that is because I already know how to make some beauty products and I can put a twist to it. Some beauty products I know how to make are: body scrub, lipstick and lip scrub.

What types of products do you want to create?

I want to create lip scrub, lipstick, body scrub, bath bombs and an edible lip stick. I want to create these because I like beauty products and a lot of girls use these kinds of products. Another reason why I am going to create these is because when I am older I want to have my own beauty shop like lush and the body shop.

Who will use your products?

I know some people that will want to use my products such as Tash (my sister), my mum, Miss Grace, Vivone, Mia and other girly girls. Also girls that like beauty and makeup products would love to use my products.

How will they use it?

The buyers will use it by for the lip scrub they will use it by putting a small amount water/ Vaseline on their lips. Then applying some of the product on your pointer finger. They will then firmly scrub the lip scrub on the lips. The next step is to rinse off the lip scrub and this whole product is to soften and plump the lips.

To use the lip stick they will simply apply the colour to their lips. To use the bath bomb they will run some water in a bath and once the bath is about a quarter full they will throw the bomb in. to get a great bomb affect you need to swirl the bomb around using their hands.

Now to use the body scrub they will get I a full bath or a running shower and get completely damp. The next step is to scrub the body scrub all over their body and rinse it of for soft and silky skin.

Bath bombs: Ingredients: Epsom Salts, Citric Acid, Corn Starch, Baking Soda. Witch Hazel.

To use the edible lipstick you can either apply the product to your lips or lick it off or you can eat it straight from the container.

Why will they use it?

The buyers will use the bath bombs because the bomb will spice up their bath. They will also use it because they might want a glittery or a colourful bath. The buyers will use the lip scrub because they want softer lips of fuller more plumped lips. They will use the lip stick because they want a cheap and good quality lip stick. They will also use the lip stick because they might want a cheap version of their favourite brand of lipstick such as MAC. They will use the body scrub because they will want soft and nice smelling skin that is attractive. They will use the edible lipstick because instead of licking your HORRIBLE tasting lipstick they will lick their WONDERFUL edible lipstick off their lips.