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January 2021

Teaching and Learning Tech Resources

Chromebook Short Cuts for "Littles"

This is a great slide show for Chromebook short cuts for all grade levels and even parents! It is interactive and super easy to follow. Feel free to share with all and even post it in your Google Classroom if you would like.

Chromebook Short Cuts for "Littles"

Station Rotation in Remote Learning

Are you wondering what a station rotation lesson might look like in a socially distant classroom or online? Station Rotation in an Era of Social Distancing.

Station Rotation Model

Resources for talking to students about politics, civic engagement, and uncertainty.

Here is a list of resources for talking to student's about the recent events at our capitol.


8 Ideas Designed to Engage Students In Active Learning Online

Here is a collection of strategies designed to engage students in active learning online.

8 Ideas Designed to Engage Students In Active Learning Online

Responsive Remote Instruction

In the midst of crisis, the rhythm and connections offered by school can be a source of care. Care can also look like worthwhile, accessible learning, prioritizing those already furthest from opportunity, that respects families’ realities and empowers students as learners and as members of their communities.

Responsive remote instruction can bring students in, engage them deeply, and build the skills they need for this time. This Collection includes actionable tools, many from our partners, for educators to plan and deliver responsive remote instruction.

Link to Resources

The Reading Corner

Articles you may find helpful, interesting and even enjoyable!

Updated Guidance from NYSED

Write on, NY!

Write on, NY! is a statewide writing initiative that promotes student writing and the Lifelong Practices of Writers. This initiative is a collaborative endeavor with New York State’s teachers, districts, educational organizations, the NYSED English Language Arts Advisory Panel, and statewide ELA and literacy professional organizations. Listed below are the Lifelong Practices for Writers, which guide the Next Generation Learning Standards for English Language Arts. For each of the following Lifelong Practices of Writers, click on the Practice to see recommendations of how this can be enacted in classrooms. As the Write on, NY! workgroup creates more resources, this website will expand.

Resources for all grade levels, all disciplines!

NYSED announces Teaching in Remote/Hybrid Learning Environments

  • This past July, the New York State Education Department (NYSED) was awarded funding through the United States Department of Education’s Rethink K-12 Education Models Grant to implement the Teaching in Remote/Hybrid Learning Environments (TRLE) Program.
  • The goal of the program’s first phase is to rapidly infuse professional learning resources to the field through our partners in Level 1 Centers across the state (eTeachNY, Lower Hudson RIC, NYC DOE, Yonkers Public Schools, and Western NY RIC).
  • To align these professional learning efforts with the needs of the field, we are launching a brief reflection/survey that seeks educators' input and expertise on how program activities can best support teaching students in remote and hybrid instructional settings. Please share this reflection/survey with educators in your schools.
  • The TRLE reflection questions and professional learning opportunities will focus on six core competencies for teaching in remote or hybrid learning environments:
    • Shifting to Teaching Online
    • Engaging Families as Partners in Remote/Hybrid Learning
    • Meeting the needs of SWDs through Remote/Hybrid Learning
    • Meeting the needs of ELLs/MLLs through Remote-Hybrid Learning
    • Integrating Culturally-Responsive Sustaining Education (CRSE) in Remote Learning Environments
    • Integrating Social Emotional Learning (SEL) in Remote Learning Environments.
  • The link for educators to share their reflections will be open until February 15, 2021.

Education Law 2D- Student and Teacher Data Privacy

Before you use an free website with your students (where they have to create an account or use their email address), you check this list to see if it is compliant with Education Law 2D. If you have any questions, please contact Marcy Sweetman

Cassadaga Valley Central School District

The mission of the Cassadaga Valley Central School District is to provide, through a dedicated staff and supportive community, a learning experience enabling our students to become responsible citizens who have a high degree of self-esteem; have the ability to think creatively and logically; manage personal resources; apply current technologies to their daily lives; understand the workings of our global society; and appreciate the contributions of the arts, philosophies and heritage."