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What Did You Do Today?

I often have parents approach me concerned because their child doesn't tell them what they do during the school day. Now we know their little brains and bodies are busy from 9:00-3:50 and there is a lot going on throughout their morning and afternoon!

One suggestion I have done with my own kids is to ask specific questions of them. I catch myself asking my Ryan, Olivia, and Molly closed ended questions that only require one or two words... "how was ur day" "do you have homework" "who did you sit by in lunch".

I get the bare minimum from my teenagers (SURPRISE!), but when I ask specific questions I start to get an image into a piece of their day. "Tell me something that made you smile today" "What did you work on in math (art, gym, science, etc..) today". I phrase my questions in a positive way to engage in conversation with them. It is amazing when I listen to what they have to say how much they share. I try to be intentional in giving them time without them feeling like I am giving them the fifth degree and possibly most importantly, I actively listen to them to show that what they are saying matters.

Have a wonderful weekend!

- Mrs. Tepper

Parents Help Your Children Unplug

Research shows that use of technology may limit conversation and interaction that’s crucial to vocabulary growth and development of conversation skills. Help your child by managing their time on technology and offer meaningful alternatives such as; providing toys that inspire creativity and imagination, including your child in daily chores to teach simple problem solving, read stories and share daily experiences helping children learn sequencing, vocabulary and grammar, and finally enjoy the great outdoors which expands general knowledge especially when paired with travel experiences.

Most of all talk, talk, talk! Your child needs your good language model!

- Mrs. Campion- Havel Speech and Language Teacher

Music Concert News

The "Salute to Veterans" concert will be Tuesday, November 27th at Adlai Stevenson High School. Students in first and second grade will perform at 6:00 p.m. Students in third, fourth, and fifth grade will perform at 7:00 p.m. Don't forget to email Mrs. Murray pictures of your family members that have served or are serving in the military so she can honor them in the Havel Heroes Slide Show at the concert. (ann.murray@uticak12.org)

Specialists Curriculum Corner

Music News- Grades 1-5 are preparing for the concert at Stevenson High School on November 27th. The students in grades K-2 are also working on curricular concepts such as steady beat, melodic contour, matching pitch, and basic rhythm notation. Third grade students are learning about African music and African music culture. Students in grade 4-6 have been working on musical composition and playing classroom instruments.

Media Center- Our newest Havel Hawks, kindergarten, are working on mouse control and point click activities while enjoying some seasonal literature. Grades 1-6 are using visible thinking maps, to help with our author studies of Jonathan Rand, as we prepare for his visit the morning of October 12. In addition to our author studies, Grades 3-6 are learning to log on to computers using their own username & password! A special thank you to all of the fabulous families who were able to support the Scholastic BookFair this past month. The profits from the fair help us provide several different things for the Media Center and entire school.

Gym- This month in the gym the 3rd-6th graders have been working on football skills and drills. They have learned passing, catching, defense, and a few of the positions in the game of football. K-2 continues to explore their safe use of their personal space in the gym while working on gross motor skills. They have also been developing cooperative skills embedded within their activities. All classes with participate in our traditional “Headless Horsemen” activity coming up at the end of the month! It is always a favorite lesson where the kids experiment with their imaginations in our haunted gym forest.

ISM- In kindergarten we are working on our five senses and the human body. First grade is learning about animals. Second grade is learning about the states of matter. Third grade is learning about fractions through games. Fourth and fifth grade is working on multiplication facts through games. Sixth grade is learning about place value through games.

Art- In art we have been working on a school wide lesson. We are continuing the tradition of all working together similar to last years canvas project that is on display in our lobby. This year each student designed their own feather. The feathers are then assembled together to create a set off wings. Each student will be able to stand in front of the wings to create an interactive experience with the artwork. These wings are often seen on buildings in mural form in most big cities around the world. In addition, all grades are working on the square one art project. This is where each student creates a masterpiece and is able to have the opportunity to order their artwork on many gifts and household items.

Parking Lot Safety Expectation

Students are not allowed to walk unaccompanied through the parking lot to their car. We have had staff members get brushed by cars while walking in the parking lot or working the crosswalk, let alone car accidents that have occurred. I always tell our students that cars don’t look for kids, kids have to look for cars and we don’t go into the parking lot without an adult or high school aged sibling!

Additionally, please DO NOT walk between the busses. This presents another safety concern for our students and families.

Thank your for following this expectation for the safety of all of our students.

Free and Reduced Lunch Applications

Last year’s free and reduced applications will expire on Monday, October 15, 2018. As required by federal guidelines, students without a 2018-2019 approved Free and Reduced Meal Application on file will pay full price for all breakfast and lunch meals beginning October 16th. Families are strongly encouraged to go to lunchapp.com for quick results or complete a paper application as soon as possible to continue receiving benefits.

October Lunch Menus

UCS is no longer printing lunch menus for our students. They have an app that I encourage you to download with the nutrition information along with breakfast and lunch menus listed by building. Please see the information below for more information!

Halloween Costume Guidelines

All of us at Havel work diligently to teach children how to solve problems in a non-violent way. We do not want to see children dressed as perpetrators or victims of violence. This includes props and accessories related to blood, gore, and weapons. Parent, please monitor your child’s costume choices: Students wearing this type of costume will not be permitted to participate in the days events. (Please keep in mind we don’t want our youngest students frightened by gory or scary costumes. Those should absolutely be avoided.)

Our parade will be at 11:00 am on the outside playpad (weather permitting).

Halloween Treats

All of our classrooms are peanut and tree nut safe. As is our building practice, no CANDY CONTAINING these ingredients will be allowed. I have attached a safe snack list for your reference. Please contact your child's teacher for specific items/food that may be needed for the party. HOMEMADE GOODS are not allowed in the classrooms. Thank you for helping us maintain a safe environment for all our students.
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Havel Elementary

Our mission it to educate students, promote life long learning and encourage students to become productive citizens within a positive and safe learning environment.

Dates to know:


18th- Snack Cart

19th- Bagel Day, MSU/U of M Spirit Day, Chocolate Money Due, & 5th Grade DIA Trip

22nd- Crew Meeting- Wear Your Tie Dye Shirt Today

25th- Snack Cart

26th- HVL Monster Mash

31st- 1/2 Day 12:04 Dismissal

Halloween Parade- 11:00 am



1- Snack Cart

2nd- Bagel Day, End of 1st Marking Period & 4th Grade To Greenfield Village

4th- Daylight Savings Time- Fall Behind

6th- NO SCHOOL- Election Day

8th- Snack Cart

11th- Veterans Day

13th- Picture Retake Day & PM Conferences

15th- 1/2 day of School (12:04 dismissal), snack cart, Chuckie Cheese Restaurant Night

16th- HVL Turkey Bingo, Bagel Day

21st-23rd- No School- HAPPY THANKSGIVING