Room 26 News

March 27, 2015

Walk-a-thon By: Daniella & James

On Friday, March 20th, we had our walk-a-thon! The walk-a-thon is a fundraiser for our Discovery Lab classes. What do we do at the walk-a-thon? We can either walk, jog, or run. During the walk-a-thon, we were getting a lot of exercise, which was good for our health. We also got to eat healthy food and drink water. We also got cool prizes if you donated a certain amount of money! First of all, everyone gets a water bottle. If you donated 50 dollars you got to get a cool tiki necklace. If you donated 100 dollars you got the tiki necklace and a yo yo. Finally, if you donate 150 dollars, you'd get two tiki necklaces, a yo yo, and get entered into a raffle to win a GoPro or an iPad Mini! But we don't donate the money just to get prizes, we want to keep the privileges of having our Discovery Lab classes. Lastly, we thought it was very cool.

Class Biographies By: Amaris & Ryann R.

Our class has been working on biographies. We all have a special person to work on. Some of the people we are working on are Kelly Slater, Helen Keller, Abraham Lincoln, Gabby Douglas and Albert Einstein.We have all been working very hard on these. In our biography, we state their life, character traits, and why they're important. We are going to show them in the open house at the end of the year. If you come to open house, you will see them and hopefully you will be impressed! As we said before, all of us have put a lot of hard work and effort into our biographies. They will be a great success. We hope to see you at the open house!

What to Remember for Packing for Astrocamp By: Juanita & Litzy

We are going to tell you about things that some parents (like you) might not remind us to pack for Astrocamp. The first thing is chapstick. Just because it is small, we might forget to put it in our backpack. We need it because our lips are going to get really dry. Another thing you might forget is extra underwear and socks. Also, do not forget to remind us to pack a lunch for Wednesday. Another thing is to remind us not to forget our sleeping bag. Don't forget a coat, gloves, and hat because it might get cold when we do a night hike and for being outside in general. Just a reminder, bring an extra bag to put your wet/dirty clothes in. We are all very excited for Astrocamp, we do not want it ruined because of packing problems!

March Madness By: Eric & Kendall

In math we have been learning about March Madness. We have been given packets full of basketball teams and what they are seeded. It also includes many math equations and what are the chances each team has to win. It makes us think about problem solving and making educated guesses based on probability. There are 64 teams included in the March Madness tournament. The probability of guessing who will be the champion is very low. You never know who will win because a lot of the time the underdog wins. This is going to be a very unexpected and interesting tournament to watch.

Spring Break Vacations By: Callie & Alex

There are many fun places to go over spring break with your kids so you can have fun. Here are the top 5 fun places that Room 26 voted for...

1. Big Bear

2. Disneyland

3/4. The Beach/Amusement Park (tie)

5. Water park

Those were the top 5 places to vacation in our class!

Who Packs? By: Emily, Kyle, & Kristal

Should we pack our own bags for Astrocamp? Here are some reasons we might or might not want to pack our bag. One reason we should pack our bags is because it lets us become more responsible. We also should pack our bags so we know where our things are. It might also help us become a more independent person. We think that we should pack our own bags because it would help us become more responsible, and since we talked about what to bring in class, we would know what to pack. We would also know where our items are in our bags, so it doesn't take us as long to get ready for an activity, like swimming. What if we forgot to pack our bathing suits? That means no swimming. Some bad things about not packing our own bags is that we might not know where their things are on the trip. We might not even have some of the needed items. That is why we should pack our bags for Astrocamp.

Ask Astrid

Dear Astrid,

In four square, people are getting people out that they don't know and not getting their friends out. For example, if there are 3 girls and one boy and those three girls are best friends, they get the boy out instead of getting their friends out. I need your advice.


Concerned Classmate

Dear Concerned Classmate,

Something you can do to fix that problem is if you're watching it you can go up and tell them to stop teaming and being unfair. If that doesn't work you could invite him/her to play at a different court with you. Also, you have to keep in mind not to team up against people because then you're acting like them. If none of this works, and if you are desperate, you could go ahead and tell a teacher the problem. This is all the advice I can give you because my crickets are getting away. I hope my advice helps you.

Your Fellow Class Pet,

The One and Only Astrid

Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader? By: Evan & Andrew

1.What are the three states of matter?

  1. Gas, Liquid, Solid

  2. Bananas, Apple, pineapple

  3. Atom,gum, juice

2. What is 1/2 plus 23/24?

A. 12/24

B. 1 11/24

C. 9/4

3. What is March Madness?

A. Football tournament

B. Basketball tournament

C. Ice cream tournament

4. Who packs for Astrocamp?

A. Student

B. Mom or Dad

C. Astrid

5. What is the answer to 5 - 3 4/7=__________?

A. 1 3/7

B. 3 6/14

C. 2 3/7

Answer Key:


2 B




Cinderella Cleaners-Swan Fake By: Ava

The book Cinderella Cleaners: Swan Fake is about a girl Diana and her best friends. Their names are Amelia, Jessie, and Sarah. Diana likes to act and Amelia and Sarah are always playing soccer. Amelia and Sarah have a big soccer camp, but Amelia has a play too! She wants Diana to be in Swan Lake so she can go to the camp. Diana can't decide if she is able to go. She has Amelia teach her the dance while she decides. That night, Diana has her big act! Will Diana dance for Amelia, or will Amelia have to dance and not get to go to her soccer game? To find out, read Cinderella Cleaners: Swan Fake!

The Lightning Thief By: Will

This book review is on the first book from the Percy Jackson series. It is called the Lightning Thief. This book is about a kid named Percy Jackson who is a demigod, but doesn't realize it until 6th grade. Then his mom takes him to a place called Camp Half-Blood. When he gets there, he finds himself face to face with a Minotaur. After that terrifying experience, he gets bullied at Camp Half-Blood by some of Ares’ kids. But it's mainly Claresse, the main daughter of Ares the God of war. There is more, but you will have to read to find out!

In my opinion, this book is one of the best books I've read in a in a long time. There is tons of action and it's very exhilarating. There are even more exciting things that will glue your eyes to the pages. If I had to rate this book, I'd give it 4 out of 5 stars. It's just such a good book that you want to stay up all night reading it! So go down to your local library and check out this book. There are four more books in the series. They are all super, but I highly recommend this book in the series!

Seen and Heard By: Parks & Nick

Edited By: Stella & Greta