But what is it??? By: Tommy Dilts

Section I: Advertisement is a notice or announcement in a public medium promoting a product, service, or event or publicizing a job vacancy.

The French enjoy pointing out why their product is superior. They show off its distinct abilities, its reliability, and will compare it against other competing products. They make everything with color and are built to be flamboyant. This is influential because it will be eye popping, and everyone will want the 'best of the products'.
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Section II:

These are not brands, but they sure are mignon!

Section III: English Ads.

This soda brand is targeting the population as a whole, but is majorly directed to the surpoids area. The goal is to get people to drink their product, but to put it in proportion. People will notice this because it will make people rethink "do I really need it?" and then will hopefully choose healthier choices.
Ipad vs toilet paper (French funny ad)

Section IV: Ipad vs Toilet paper Ad.

This commercial is for toilet paper, and is using humor to achieve the desired audience. Whoever it is that buys toilet paper in your house, this commercial is directed towards you! What makes the commercial great is the combination of modern technology and the humor involved with it.