Summer Swimming

at "Casa de la Ribb" (Anna Ribb's House)

Summer swimming is starting soon!

Do you get bored in the summer? Not enough to do? Well, fun is just a house away at Anna's. Summer swimming at Casa De La Ribb is an informal get together of girls to relax and unwind from the school year. Sorry my mom wrote that part, I promise it'll be better from here on :D. And I promise it's not as boring as she made it sound. I PROMISE.

Tuesday's and Thursday's

Tuesday, June 9th, 11am to Thursday, Aug. 13th, 3pm

317 Greenleaf St

Highland Village, TX

Each Tuesday and Thursday, Anna's house will be available for swimming, 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM.


We have no plans for vacation this summer. If we need to cancel a day, we will let you know. And, we know not all of you will be here every week.


Bring your own lunch, drinks too.