by hannah gagnon

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Auschwitz was built for the purpose of exterminating people who hitler and the nazi party thought wasteful in society. from 1940- 1945 jews, homosexuals, Gipsies, crippled people, and those of non arian race (blond hair blue eyes) were rounded up and shipped to multiple death camps like Auschwitz.
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The prisoners were branded with numbers as identity, instead of using there names. the germans were very cruel twards them, and they didn't consider the prisoners people. thats why they were there in the first place.
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This picture above shows prosthetic limbs and crutches in a memorial for the disabled people killed in the death camps.
This picture shows the ovens for burning the bodys (known as the crematorium) here millions of corpses turned to ashes. as hitlers power spread through the country like the smoke from the chimneys

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