Gaming safety on the internet

always be safe

Ian Row hour 1

Always keep your account or computer safe

Make sure your computer has a fire wall or spyware software if you are on a computer if you are on some kind of console use i pass word or make your account private so the can not see your account tell they are your friend. On computer you can do the same.

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Passwords Block Report And Personal Info

Always have a password no matter what you use and make sure it is a password that only you can guess not anyone else. If a person is making you feel weird and you want to stop talking to them either mute or block and if you need to report them then do so. Never give anyone your personal info like age, gender, location, address, phone number, credit card info, and any other personal info.

real word meeting

Never meet

Never meet an online person in real life because you never know what they will do if you ever do always take some one with you if they say only want to meet with you DON'T go and tell some one.