The Secrets Of The Great Pyramid

The Secrets And Passages Of The Pyramid Of Giza


We've all heard the interesting stories about pyramids. But what about the most famous pyramid of them all? The Great Pyramid Of Giza. The only one of the seven wonders of the Ancient World still standing, and one of the most amazing buildings in the world. So, what am I here to tell you? The secrets and passages of the Pyramid.

Entry Way

The entrance to this grand pyramid is extremely narrow and small. If you manage to legally enter the pyramid, expect a long dark passage way. Oh, and if your thinking of entering the pyramid, I hope your brave, because there are tombs in a dark place. That's enough to keep me out.

Grand Gallery

Some ways down the entry path you will come to two paths, one going up, and one going down. If you go up, you will be soon greeted by the Grand Gallery. This is a much bigger room that people have installed stairs, and lights. However, even though it is called a Grand Gallery, there are no paintings or pictures along the walls, roof, or floor.

King's Chamber

Through the Grand Gallery is the King's chamber. This is an honored and holy place. However, this room is extremely creepy. It's very dark and scary. Inside of the chamber there is one single piece of rock. Under the rock, is where the king is buried. Also, inside of the room are air shafts. Believed to be used by the builders of the pyramid, and in the King's afterlife.