Video Presentations

Use multimedia applications to make video presentations.

There are several great tools besides PowerPoint for creating presentations. Multimedia tools allow you to incorporate images, video, and audio into a complete stand-alone presentation.

The 3 apps shown below can be added to your existing AISD Google Drive account. Here's how to add them to a Google Drive.

(Users should be aware of terms of use, including Acceptable Use policies, which prohibit unethical use of media sites.)

Guiding Questions:


  • Did I choose appropriate images to reflect my topic/subject matter?
  • Do I have variety in my images?
  • Have I edited video clips to cut out "down time" and maintain a steady pace?
  • Have I used pan and zoom features to add a sense of movement to still images? (add interest, focus the audience)


  • Does my use of background images and overall color scheme support my topic without distracting?
  • Is my text font legible? Did I use consistent font(s)? (try not to use more than 3 fonts)
  • If I used transitions, are they too distracting or do they help move the story forward?


  • If I made a voice track, is it clear and easy to understand?
  • Is my background music appropriate to the theme of my topic?
  • Are the sound levels comfortable and clear without distracting?