Shepard News & Notes

February 9, 2016

Hello Shepard Parents:

At the end of January, eighth grade students presented their culminating work for Science Fair. The amount of work that students and staff put into this effort was tremendous! Please see below for photos and student reflections on their work.

Also, a tip of the hat to Mr. Bowers, Mrs. Odden, and the entire eighth grade team for their hard work and leadership!

Warm Regards,


Focus on Instruction

Eighth Grade Science Fair

Recently, eighth grade students participated in the culminating event for Science Fair. This is always a special event for our students, and we are extremely proud of the work students produced! Also, thank you to our eighth grade teachers for their hard work and leadership to make this happen!

Here are a few things students had to say about the science fair experience, and what they learned.

  • I feel more educated on something I have always desired to know, but never had the right motivation to actually learn about. AT NIGHT though, it was really fun! I really enjoyed sharing what I learned with my family. I definitely impressed them and and it made me so happy! - Maddy
  • When doing the presentation, it wasn't as bad as I thought. I was super nervous, but I think I did ok. I've never been so nervous, but I'm glad I'm getting over my fear--whether slow or fast. Community night was awesome! It was cool to see the other presentations and meet my friends' parents for the first time. I was also glad that my dad got to meet my friends for the first time. - Vilma
  • I think that Science Fair was really fun. Week after week I put in a lot of effort. . .The actual community night was really fun and cool to show off our project. - Asher
  • I learned a lot, about myself, my topic and my peers. I learned that I could really challenge myself, and take that extra time to make my project great, and strive for regionals. . .The presentation and the parents night went very well, a lot of people were interested in our work. Overall I am very happy with the experience. - Clare
  • Through science fair I learned more than I thought I would, and still had fun. . .During these past few months, I have practiced time management, collaboration with a partner and working to my best ability. Even though at some times it was stressful due to the amount of work, I came to passion time every week ready to work. I really enjoyed this project because it was a collaboration of art, LA, Math, S.S. and Science all in one big project. I am really proud of our work, it really payed off. - Taylor

School News!

1st Posting - Having Food Delivered to Shepard

We kindly request that you refrain from having food (Jimmy John's, Il Forno, Potbelly, etc.) delivered during the school day. The increased volume of deliveries has become a disruption to the normal operation of the school office. Should your child forget his/her lunch and you are unable to bring one to school, please call the main office and we will work with you to ensure your child gets a lunch.

1st/FINAL Posting - Traffic Reminders

Please do your part to ensure a smooth drop off and pick up pattern at Shepard! Please view the aerial map to the right for a visual of drop off procedures. Remember that traffic in and out of Shepard moves one direction. You will approach Shepard moving south in a single file line on Grove Avenue and exit to the east on Poplar Lane. Do not park and exit your car while on Grove, in front of the school, or on Poplar. If you must exit your vehicle, you need to park in the main lot--the Buildings & Grounds lot is not open to parents.

During pick up, please be kind to our neighbors. Do not park in front of driveways and refrain from making 3-point turns in the street or in our neighbors driveways to head north on Grove. Not only do our neighbors frequently complain about their driveways being used for this purpose, this presents a safety risk to our students.

Please respect all traffic signs and stay off your cell phone. You will see your three building administrators out and about in yellow vests welcoming students and directing traffic. If you have questions, do not hesitate to ask. Bottom line - obey the rules, be patient, and keep moving!

1st/FINAL Posting - Brightspark Travel

District 109 allows Brightspark Travel to plan and organize educational trips for middle school students (the 8th grade trip to Washington, DC and the 6th grade trip to Springfield). However, please note that these trips are not school sponsored. Brightspark manages all aspects of the events, from communication to registration to travel. Chaperones are Brightspark employees (though some of the chaperones hired by Brightspark also happen to be District 109 staff members). Parents will receive all information directly from Brightspark and can direct any questions about the trips to the Brighspark representative, Lisa Curtin at

1st/FINAL Posting - DPN “That’s GENIUS! Wise Words from the Nation’s Parenting Gurus”

Deerfield Parent Network's next event will be coming up on Wednesday, February 10th. The DPN exclusive movie -- That’s GENIUS! Wise Words from the Nation’s Parenting Gurus — is a collection of parenting tips/advice/anecdotes from the nation’s top parenting experts. It should be a fun evening for parents of all ages. Please see the flyer to the right for more information.

1st/FINAL Posting - North Shore Kids Celiac Support

Please see the flyer to the right for information on a support group for kids with Celiac. The first meeting is Saturday, February 20th, and is open to anyone who would like to learn more about living with Celiac.

2nd Posting - Shepard Nightlife

Shepard Nightlife is coming up on Friday, February 19th, from 7-9pm in the Shepard Middle School gym. There will be music from Bizar Entertainment, an inflatable obstacle course, games, dance prizes, and snacks. If you signed your child up on Fee Day, you are all set! Otherwise, please see the form at the right to sign up. Tickets are $8 in advance or $10 at the door. If you have any questions, please contact Bonnie Sherwood at

6th Posting - Yearbook Ordering

Be sure to order a yearbook before March 11, 2016! Here is how to order:

  1. Log into Family Access.
  2. Click Fee Management.
  3. Click "Add a Fee" above your middle school child's name.
  4. In the pop-up window that shows optional items, click the "Add" button next to Middle School Yearbook (the fee is $20), and then click the "Back" button in the upper right corner.
  5. You'll see the yearbook fee of $20 added to your account. Click "Make a Payment."
  6. Click "Update Payment Amount."
  7. Click "Update Cart."
  8. Click "Pay with Vendor."
  9. Confirm that you wish to make a payment by clicking "Yes" in the pop-up window.
  10. You'll be taken to RevTrak to complete your payment.

You can always log into Family Access and click on Fee Management to confirm your purchase.

9th Posting - Show Choir Fundraiser

Please support Dist.109 Show Choir by visiting Dairy Queen during the months of November, December, January, and February. When presenting the voucher to the right, 15% of your entire purchase will then be donated to Dist.109 Show Choirs. You can print as many vouchers as you want, and hand them out to friends, relatives and other people in the community. The more vouchers you hand out and get redeemed, the more money Show Choir will be able to raise, which helps students travel to events and perform in the community. It’s that simple. (The only rule Dairy Queen has is that the vouchers must NOT be handed out within the perimeter of their parking lot.) Thank you for your support!

PTSO News!

Box Tops

Don't throw away those Box Tops! We collect them and submit them to

raise money for the Shepard Student Council. Drop your Box Tops off in the Shepard Office.


Heinen’s will contribute up to 1% of what you spend at their store to Shepard at the end of the school year. Thanks to all who participated in the program last year—Shepard received a check for $875 in June!

If you participated in this program last year, you must RE-SELECT Shepard this year. You can do this in the store at the Customer Service counter, or you can log in to your Tasteful Rewards profile at Go to the “My Profile” tab at the top right of the home page, then scroll down to the “Teaming Up for Education” section and select Illinois-Deerfield-Alan B Shepard Middle School and make sure to save your selection.

If you’re new to the program, please take a look at this information to sign up—it’s quick and easy and a great way to help Shepard make a little easy money!