Dunn & Rowe's 5th Grade Newsletter

September 14th - September 19th


Hope everyone had a great weekend!! Please be looking for your student's progress report at the end of the week. If you have any questions or concerns please let us know.


We are reviewing Unit #1: Whole Number Operations on Monday and Tuesday. Students will take Unit #1 test on Wednesday. They will also have a vocabulary test over Unit #1 on Wednesday. Students need to use their math interactive notebooks to study. Their notebook has examples, notes, and vocabulary in it. On Thursday we will start Unit #2: Algebraic Reasoning. Students will learn about equations and Order of Operations.


We are continuing our Fiction analysis and comprehension unit. This week we will read "Old Yeller" from the Journey's book. It is a shortened excerpt from the original story of the same title. We will use this story to review story elements Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday. Thursday and Friday we will evaluate Sensory language in the story.

Friday we will have our Unit 3 Spelling Test and Lesson 2 Vocabulary Quiz. (These lists should be kept in the students purple folder.)


On Monday and Tuesday students will complete a project over Unit#2: Physical Properties of Matter. This project will be done entirely in class. On Wednesday we will review Unit #1 and Unit #2. Students will need to use their science notebooks to study. Their notebook has all content, examples, and vocabulary for these units. On Friday students will be making ice cream floats to show the three states of matter. Please let us know if you are NOT OK with your student eating them.

Social Studies

This week students will continue learning about colonization on America. Students will learn about Jamestown, The Mayflower, and Plymouth.