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Week of October 1 - 5

Dress Code Reminders

Please note that we have a dress code for our students that must adhere to. You can find our dress code expectations in our handbook. Please review the dress code policy with your student. We can promise you, the last thing we want to do is tell your student that their attire does meet the requirements and have them call you to bring them alternative clothing. The length of shorts is the most common violation. Shorts need to have a minimum of a 5 inch inseam. A student may wear bike shorts or leggings under other shorts to make them acceptable. Capris are always a good option!

Thank you for your help and support in this matter!

School Staff

Staff Development Day

Monday, Oct. 8th, 7:30am

5145 Topaz Avenue

Rocklin, CA

This is a reminder that Monday, October 8 is a Staff Development Day. This is a day off for all students. Please mark your calendars!
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Student Referral

As a part of our PBIS program at school, occasionally, it is necessary to document when a student is struggling at school in meeting our codes of conduct. The referrals are handed out only after there have been several attempts in correcting behavior. As well, any adult that issues a referral has a detailed and supportive conversation to help students with choices the next time they might be in a similar situation.

The referral is a communication tool from school to home that helps us detail a situation for student, staff, and parent. The information allows us to communicate the details of the incident so that we can provide the needed support. Kids are going to make mistakes and this tool allows us to be specific in our conversations and guidance, and let's family know what we are working on to improve behavior and develop problem-solving skills.

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