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Team Update

Holiday Line Sampling

Now that we have all seen the new Holiday Line? Which pieces do you love? I love it all and can't wait for my samples to arrive! When selecting your samples, it is helpful to refer to the Optimal Display Guide, that can be found on the "Product and Sampling" page. The Home Office has put sample trays together as well as a short video on sampling recommendations. These are great resources when you are determining which pieces you want and how you will display them at a trunk show. Don't worry about not having ALL of the products. Select pieces that you will wear and then as your collection expands, you will build a more diverse collection to show. For those of us not in our Jump Start period, we have until October 21st to purchase the samples at 50% off. Happy Sampling!
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New Team Member

Welcome to Jessica Duggan! She has taken advantage of the amazing sign-up offer this month and has joined Stella & Dot! She is a fellow Yuma girl, mom, wife, and podiatrist. Jessica is super busy but loves the Stella & Dot products. We are so happy that you have joined us!!

Trunk Show Tip

Before heading to your trunk show, take a look at the Product Alert List. This document can be found in the lounge. The Product Alert List gives you a daily update of what items may be low in stock, backordered, or retired. If an item is unavailable to order, the Home Office gives you a suggested piece to share with a customer.

For instance, the Hudson Tote is currently unavailable. When preparing for a trunk show, I would want to display another bag instead of the Hudson. Since the availability of the bag is not until December. If you have shows at the end of November, add that bag to your display again. You can take the order from your customers and then process it once the bag is available again.

If you don't have another bag to show, I would bring the bag just in case someone would like to reference the bag for size.

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Training Opportunities

These training calls can help you earn the Icon-Convertible Watch in stone this month! Remember sell $2,500 PQV this month and it's yours! Congratulations to Janelle for earning the watch today!!!

Remember, if you can't listen in during the initial phone call, all calls are recorded.