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AMAZING - Flash Mob - Started by one little girl - Ode to Joy

An Orchestra of Educators

"Educators are the only people who lose sleep over other people's children." - Nicholas Ferroni

A few weeks ago, a friend sent me this Flash Mob video. She sent it to remind me that one person can make a difference. When I watched it, I could not help but think how important the little girl is in starting the chain reaction of the beauty that followed.

Upon watching the video a second time, I saw it differently. I saw the beauty that was created as more and more members of the orchestra came together to create Ode to Joy. Not only did the little girl benefit from the music, but also the whole community around her came together in the experience.

I couldn't help but think that this is what each of us does every day. As each child travels through her experience at KSD, each one of us adds a little more possibility to her story. Some of us add knowledge, others compassion, and others add skills, teamwork, possibilities, and the list goes on . Each of us comes together as a great orchestra to improve the lives of each and every child by helping them discover their talents and potential in this world.

The orchestra we play in is one of the most difficult and challenging performances of all, and the performance is infinite. Some days the performance is a grind; sometimes it makes us cry and other days it makes us smile. In the end, when we come together to help one another, we make beautiful music, and all the work is worth it.

In this time of thanksgiving, I am so grateful to work with all of you. You are a team who cares so greatly for our children, for our community and for one another. Please take time this break to rejuvenate and practice self-care so you can continue to make beautiful music together.

Thank you!

Committee Established to Find Solution to Interactive Projection in Classrooms

Asst. Superintendent David Reinhart will be leading a group of educators through an interest-based process regarding finding a solution for interactive projection in classrooms.

The interactive SMART projectors are no longer being made and we have switched to using televisions with interactive software to project classroom materials. This switch has caused some challenges so we determined to put together a group to make a recommendation.

The goal is to have each school represented as well as multiple grade levels and content areas. If you are interested in serving on this committee, please email Dave.

November Kuna Way Awards!

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Big picture

Important Dates & Events

December 10 - School Board Meeting

December 14 - Down Home Country Christmas Night Light Parade

December 23-January 3 - No School: Christmas Break

What is Superintendent Johnson Reading?

The Infinite Game by Simon Sinek

From Simon Sinek's website:

"In finite games, like football or chess, the players are known, the rules are fixed, and the endpoint is clear. The winners and losers are easily identified...leaders who embrace an infinite mindset... build stronger, more innovative, more inspiring organizations. Their people trust each other and their leaders. They have the resilience to thrive in an ever-changing world, while their competitors fall by the wayside. Ultimately, they are the ones who lead the rest of us into the future. Simon now believes that the ability to adopt an infinite mindset is a prerequisite for any leader who aspires to leave their organization in better shape than they found it."

Superintendent Wendy Johnson

I am a superintendent of an amazing school district in Kuna, Idaho. I love serving children, teachers and families and having an impact on the future. #ksdempower #futureready