Altar-Dias de los Muertos

Kyana Estrada

Dia de los Muertos

Dias de los Muertos is a day that people celebrate on November the second..On Dias de los Muertos is a holiday for those who past away.We can celebrate it by having a parade or making sugar skull, cleaning or decorating graves, setting up altars with offerings and making flowers.

All Saints Day

On November the first is All Saints Day.People celebrate All Saints Day by gathering around cemeteries.Also by decorating grave with flowers.


Apolonio is my grandpa.He liked to eat ribs.He was also a really hard worker.The job he did was carpenter.His favorite color to wear was white.How we celebrate Dias de los Muertos is my mom would go to the cemetery and clean his grave.She would also put flowers.Some family members would do the same.

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This is Apolonio Mendoza.