Teacher Appreciation

May 10-14, 2021

Please join us in showing our amazing FLEX Online School staff how much they mean to us. See the schedule and details below. Participate in as many of the daily activities as you can, or create your own schedule to let your teachers know you appreciate all their support.
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Send your teacher(s) an email! (Don't forget specialists, counselors, elective teachers, para educators and our office staff!)

Not sure what to say? Here's a list of options you might use:

  • Tell them something specific you like about your class sessions or the messages they send you
  • Write a poem about them
  • Create a list of ways they have impacted you this school year
  • Share a link to a song or video you found that makes you think of them
  • Describe what kind of teaching award you'd give them
  • Share a special GIF that illustrates your appreciation

These messages can be typed or take a picture of something hand written. Send these to your teacher's Canvas or Outlook mailbox on Monday to help get Teacher Appreciation week started off with a bang.


Draw a picture, take a photo or create a video that shows how much you appreciate your teacher.

  • Does your teacher have a favorite saying or something he/she does a lot? Take a video doing it yourself.

  • Make a thank you card or poster and have your grown up take your picture holding it or a video of you reading it to your teacher.

  • Coordinate with other kids in your class to create a message with your photos or cards.
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We're creating a collage of appreciation for our whole staff. Add your photo, drawing, or words of appreciation to the Google Folder linked below. Feel free to add just one message for all your teachers or create a special individual message for each staff member. Please don't forget to thank school counselors, specialists, elective teachers and our office staff.

We will create a digital scrapbook to share with teachers and the school community on Friday. (Entries must be in the folder by Thursday at 4pm to be included.)

Click here for the Google Folder


Do you have a special teacher from a previous grade? Tell them how much they impacted you or that you still think about them/their class. What is it about them or your experience with them that gives you a positive memory?

  • If this educator (babysitter, counselor, teacher, coach, etc.) is not in the BSD, ask your grown up for help in finding contact information for them.

  • If you don't have a way to contact them, talk about what you remember about them with a friend or family member.


We'd love to be able to give these wonderful teachers a fresh bouquet of flowers to take home over the weekend, but restrictions keep us from being able to drop things off at the school.

Instead, let's find the best image or GIF of flowers 🌸 💐 🌼 and send them via email or Canvas message with one last "Thank you for all you do" message.