Sleep, Surgery, and More Sleep

By: Jovan Sykes

Our break was nearing

Since school was out on Friday and we did not have to go back the following Monday, I was elated to be going home and to be stress free for a little while. The previous week, I was under bundles of stress due to God knows what. I was just glad to be going home.

Breast Mass Excision

Thursday, March 31st, 8am

126 U.S. 280

Americus, GA

Breast Mass Excision?

Those are intelligent- sounding words that says, "We are taking some unwanted junk out of this chick's breast." Well, it is exactly how it sounds. Basically, they took a lump out of my breast. It was not a bad experience. It was nearly painless. It left me with some restrictions though.


I swear on all my marbles and Pokemon cards that sleeping while on anesthesia, is the best sleep you will ever get! Ask anyone that has had surgery, anesthesia is your best and worst friend. You never really know what's going on but you will always go to sleep. You may not dream but it was still awesome.