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🍂 Fall Edition 🍂

Dear Families,

The OSD Be Well Family Newsletter was launched last year as one means by which to provide resources to support the mental and emotional well being of our students, families and community. We hope you found the information beneficial and look forward to continuing our support through the newsletter this year, as well!

This first edition of the newsletter contains tips for your family to thrive as we transition into a new school year.

Lets kick-off the start of this year with a positive mindset while showing our children that health and wellness is always a priority.

Be Well!

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Importance Of Gratitude

This fall season let's focus on expressions of thanks & gratitude. Doing so will support your family's mental health. Gratitude reminds us of how special and beautiful our lives are even when we are faced with challenging, stressful, and overwhelming situations.

Emotions like gratitude and humor also help you cope with anxiety and uncertainty by focusing your mind on the things in life that you value, as well as what is in your control, and what you can give back to others.

Cultivating an attitude of gratefulness also can help build your resilience, which in turn, helps you cope with your current issues or problems and provides a way for you to move forward despite the challenges you face.1

Want to learn more? Link to the article below!

The Importance Of Gratitude In The Time Of Covid

Click the link to this article that can give you some ideas on how you and your family can take time to practice appreciation & thanks, together.

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5 Ways Families Can Practice Gratitude Together

  • A Gratitude Jar - Periodically, maybe weekly, you write down something you are grateful for as a family and put it in a clear jar. Plan to pull the jar out next Thanksgiving or New Year’s Eve to remember the great parts of the year before.

  • Roses and Thorns - Rose represent a high of your day and thorn. Use this technique to spur the conversation at dinner or at any part of the day. Sometimes kids are open to sharing more at bedtime so that is also a good practice to get into.

  • Gratitude Notes to Each Other - Some families enjoy writing down the things about each other that they are grateful for and sharing them. You could even put them in your kids’ lunchbox or stick it to their Chromebook!

  • Frequent noticing of enjoyable things - The more we slow down to notice great parts of the day, the more we are showing our kids how to enjoy ourselves and be grateful for what we are doing. For example, if you are outside and it is one of those ideal weather days, commenting on it aloud and sharing just how nice it is can help your child also notice that.

  • Mindfulness Activities - Any chance we have to slow down can help us appreciate life a bit more. So taking some deep breaths, paying attention to our five senses, and walking ourselves through a list of 5 things we are grateful for can be really helpful in building more intention around both gratitude and developing mindfulness.
  • 21 Day Family Gratitude Challenge!

    Getting Back To A Nighttime Routine

    The start of school can always introduce new anxieties for your children and sometimes getting back into the school routine can be a bit of a challenge.

    Northwell Health & Headspace offer some tips and resources to help manage anxiety and specifically support your nighttime routines so kids can be energized and ready to take on each school day.

    Back To School Toolkit

    The Kohl’s Healthy at Home Back to School Toolkit is designed to help families prioritize physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

    This toolkit can be used during any season to help support you and your family's needs to have a successful school year full of wellness & stability.

    Northwell Remind App

    Stay informed on all that Northwell offers to our community for mental health & wellness! Interested in getting text messages about upcoming programs?

    Northwell Now Use's Remind!

    Please add us as a class in your existing account or create a new account by joining here or by searching @NWH4School

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    Special Thanks to Head Newsletter Designer, Samantha Jannotte, Elementary Health & Wellness Facilitator & School Counselor!