Principal's Perspective

Vol. 3 9.29.15

Dear Skyline Family,

It has been an eventful week so far! Yesterday we had a very successful all school Fire Drill, and today the students practiced Bus Safety and Evacuation Drills. We can never practice safety enough! The best things we can do for our students is to teach them how to keep themselves safe in a variety of ways, and provide a safe environment for them to learn and thrive. I am so impressed with how well our students participated and took responsibility for their safety.

While we are on the subject of safety, I am so happy to say that we are officially starting our rotating Safety Patrol schedule this week. Each week, Middle School students volunteer their time at dismissal to support students in getting to the bus or to their parents/guardians safely. I have an eager group of 6th-8th graders ready to take on this very important role! Once again, I am very impressed with their willingness to help others and lend a hand.

In addition, we have students stationed in the parking lot each afternoon to assist students and families in crossing the busy parking lot. Some students have noticed that many adults and students are crossing diagonally instead of using the cross walk. Please allow the students to use the Safety Patrol flags to walk you and your child across the lot, so that we can avoid accidents. The students are more than happy to use the crossing flags!

We welcome parents/guardians and relatives to visit their child's classroom to volunteer or assist. We also encourage frequent communication between school and families, either in person or electronically. Along with with this, our building safety is also of utmost importance. We have policies and processes in place to keep our students safe. Please remember that ALL parents, guardians, and visitors must check in at the office upon coming into the building. We follow District protocol, and require that all volunteers, staff, and visitors wear a PPS badge while in the building.

Although we are a small community, we have a responsibility to adhere to District policies that were put in place to maintain consistency, and ultimately keep our students safe. If a staff member asks you about a badge, please don't take it personally, as we are just doing what we need to do to maintain a consistently safe learning environment.

Thank you for your support and understanding. We appreciate all you do!

Please consider joining me for our first Coffee Chat! We will share news, information, and anything else that comes up. This is an informal meeting, so just come as you are!

Thank you for sending such awesome students to school every day!

Sarah Zabel