By: Thomas Moran

Backround information

The Capitol of Paraguay is Asuncion. The 2 biggest cities in Paraguay are San lorenzo and Ciudad del Este. Before Paraguay was independent it was controlled by Spain and got its independence In 1811. The official language of Paraguay is Spanish.

Geographical information

Paraguay is located just south of Brazil. Three physical features of Paraguay are the Paraguay River, Lake Ypoa and The Gran Chaco Plain
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Political and Diplomacy Information

Paraguays government is a constitutional republic. The leader of Paraguay is Horacio Cartes. Paraguay is on good terms wit other countries because it is part of the United Nations.

Economic and Trade Information

The currency for Paraguay is the Guarani. The economic system in Paraguay is capitalism. Paraguay imports cars, computers and petroleum the most. They get there imposed goods from America, China, and Russia. Paraguay exports soybeans, meat, corn, and wheat the most. The export to Brazil, Russia, and Germany the most.
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Tourists information

People should visit Paraguay to see the wildlife like crocodiles, Jaguars, and birds. Tours should eat at the famous restaurants in Paraguay and visit the wildlife.